Our Priorities Are Reversed

It’s not a big secret and most people already know that one of the biggest concerns we have in North America is how do we cure an ailment, disease or infection – it’s not about prevention.

I got up early this Saturday morning to a white background of winter’s first snowfall. I still had four hours before I had to be at work, so I went into my article directory to check things out. My directory is committed to the human condition of mind, body, and spirit. I have over 6000 articles that cover these subjects from more than 1000 different authors. I decided this morning to have a look at my top articles and see what people were reading.

The figures were not surprising and you may have already guessed what the subjects of the top articles were about. The first four top articles received over 22,000 hits and they were all about remedies or cures for some kind of ailment. That is a very poor commentary on the human condition in as all illnesses or accidents are preventable or curable. That is not some wild ridiculous statement – it is fact. Doctors are speaking up and they are saying that 85% of illness is psychosomatic and half of the remaining 15% is preventable according to Dr. Deepak Chapra. The human body manufactures any drug it needs to cure itself and it is constantly renewing itself. All parts of the body, organs, bones, and skin are replaced automatically. It is our lifestyle that is killing us, not any disease. Behind illness and disease is thought, things don’t just happen, and they are not random. For any movement to take place in the physical world there has to be some intelligence behind it. Illness is motivated by desire and accidents happen for a reason and seldom does either happen on a conscious level.

Illness and accidents happen because of the poor quality choices we make every day. These conditions are manifested because of working in undesirable jobs, involvement in unfulfilling and damaging relationships, breathing in polluted air, and eating poor quality foods. Spiritually these things happen because it is your body’s way of getting your attention. As drastic as that may seem, nothing else seems to get your attention. In your mind you may know that certain things in your life are not working for you, but you continue along you way none-the-less.

Humans are creators by nature, and we create scenarios and outcomes that keep us locked into our destructive ways. Some may argue that we are living longer, but that is mostly because of the drugs and treatments we take to prolong our lives. Without them we would be living shorter lives.

These things are reversible, but it takes a will to change them. A concern for ones personal health and welfare is primary. More than anything else, all our choices about what we want as an individual must be known to us. Our root thoughts must be ones of personal fulfillment and a commitment to a higher level of existence. Once we are committed, all our choices will take us there. This is not about religion, but of spiritual awareness of who we really are. We come from, and are perfection embodied, and maintaining perfection must always be our first choice. All other choices will automatically maintain the choice we made.
Our commitment to comfort and maintaining the status quo lulls us into a state of complacency and a willingness to take care of issues when they come up, but not to prevention.

In my day job I educate people in air quality in their homes. After I have talked to them and asked for a commitment to change certain things; the most common answer I get is, “We’re all fine now, we’ll think about it” which is a nice way to tell you to get lost. The statement is likened to that of a smoker who says, “Well I don’t have lung cancer now, I’ll wait and see what happens – the statements are identical.

Maintaining good health or having accidents are all personal choices we make every day. Whether making a choice to be proactive or reactive, they’re both choices. Deciding not to spend money on preventative measures is a physical and observable demonstration of your personal thoughts about it. Thinking about it is a “no” answer. We as a country are at large motivated only after something happens.

We have our priorities reversed, so I am not surprised when I hear, “how could this happen” it’s easy to understand – you let it happen. This may sound cruel to someone who was in a car accident or who has terminal cancer. The truth remains the same; we are creative beings, and we create all the circumstances of our lives. By knowing this, one retains the power to change their live to one of holistic health and good fortune. There are many who are living that life now. There are people who never have accidents and never get sick. If another can do it, then it is possible for anyone to do it – unless of course you don’t believe you can.