Organize Your Way to Less Stress

You are probably aware that your surroundings can influence how you feel. For example, if everything around you is a chaotic mess, that will probably affect your emotions.

You do want your home to be a peaceful place to retreat from the cares of the world, don’t you? Stuff stored all over the place will take away from that ideal feeling. An organized home can usually help you feel better.

However, if you are already a very organized person, you still might find some helpful tips in this article to help you do an even better job of making your home a more peaceful haven.

Here are five de-clutter tips just for you:

1. Look around and see if you have piles of this and piles of that staring back at you. If you do, put the stuff away or throw it away. If some of it could be useful to others, drop unwanted items off at your local thrift store.

No matter how many square feet are in your home, it will appear to be more spacious if you have less things sitting around taking up space.

2. First of all, you’ll need to take a trip to your local stationary or household goods store to purchase appropriate containers to stash the stuff you want to keep. You may also purchase these containers on the internet.

You can store things that you want to keep in these containers and then keep them in closets near each room where these items are usually kept.

Invest in colorful containers for your children’s rooms, such as plastic crates. Your children’s favorite toys, books and other needed items can be stored neatly in these crates. You might also want to purchase shelving units to install in your children’s rooms for items your children want to display.

For your home office, office trays are very useful.

3. Throw junk mail away immediately.

If you’re like most people, you have a steady stream of trash coming into your home through your mailbox. You will need a large waste paper basket to throw it whenever it arrives. Be sure not to handle this unwanted mail more than once, but get rid of it right away.

4. Organizing your collectibles can be very rewarding.

Enter each room where you display your collectibles and look at all the things you have sitting on tables and other pieces of furniture. The more you have sitting on furniture, the more dusting you’ll have to do. Therefore, consider having a rotating exhibit of your collectibles instead of having them all up at once. You can put the collectibles on display or in storage in a nearby closet. Then you can switch your treasures around later on. That way the room where they are will have a fresh new look on a regular basis whenever you change your exhibit.

Have you considered purchasing a glass-front display case for your treasures instead of placing them on tables and other pieces of furniture around the room? That will also help you not to work so hard at dusting. Your collectibles will have a special place to be on view and your home won’t look so cluttered either.

There are other types of furniture that also have glass fronts where you can display your special collection. Why not investigate them?

5. For an uncluttered look to your home and a more spacious look, consider investing in fewer large pieces of furniture rather than a lot of smaller ones.

Imagine how much more relaxed you will feel in a restful home glowing with a feeling of spacious calm instead of confused clutter! It may take a while to get your stuff organized, but it will be well worth it.