Organize the thoughts in your head

Everybody knows that the way we think determines the outcome. If your thoughts are like “I can’t write more articles then I do already”, you probable won’t succeed. If you change your thoughts into “I will write more articles then I already do”, you will achieve that goal. Perhaps it’s only one article more then expected, but you did more then you wanted. If you believe in yourself you will succeed at the end.

But before you reach that end you have to organize the thoughts in your head. There are two main thoughts, negative and positive. For every negative one you can find an opposite more positive thought. For example if you take a half filled glass with water you can think this glass is half empty. This is a more negative thought. If you approach it with the thought of this glass is half full then you think positive. There hasn’t been a change with the amount of water. Just your thinking changed. It takes time and effort to make those changes.

At first you are on the level of unawareness incompetence. We act without thinking. If we want changes to be made we have to learn to use those positive affirmations. We now are one step higher called the awareness of incompetence. At this point you know that you have to learn and use in order to change. When we use them for a while and we see results we reach the level of aware competence.

We now use the tools in a perfect way. We see results but to achieve the highest level we need to keep on the good work..
At this state when an opportunity appears we think in possibilities instead of problems. This is the state of mind we want to have consistently. Sure you have less positive thoughts sometimes but rapidly you make that change into a positive thought. Thinking positive has become a natural behavior

Keep up the good work and start today. Remember only you can make a difference.