Organic Whole Food Vitamins – The Key To Optimum Nutrition

Organic whole food vitamins are the most convenient way to ensure a healthy, balanced diet with all the nutrients your body needs to operate efficiently.

If you’re like most people, your schedule is packed and your days are hectic. Healthy meals are often forsaken for the ease of fat-laden fast food and the convenience ingredients found on the shelves of the local supermarket lack many of the essential vitamins and minerals your body needs.

People today are at a higher risk than ever for a number of serious health complications, including several types of life-threatening cancer. The average adult often feels they lack the energy needed to complete their day. Why?

Foods processed commercially are enhanced with pesticides and fertilizers that have toxic chemicals. Chemical residue is responsible for a number of allergies and illnesses and can absorb the natural nutrient value of the farm soil, resulting in reduced levels of vitamins and minerals in the food.

Further processing of commercial food products detracts even more nutrient value. Most foods contain a very small percentage of the vitamins and minerals they would provide in their natural form. This is detrimental to the human body.

For your body to get optimum nutrition it needs these specific vitamins and minerals. Nutrients are the fuel that drives the human body and are essential for a healthy, energetic lifestyle.

With so many processed food choices available, how can you be sure that your family is getting all of the protein, must have nutrients and germ attacking enzymes you need for optimum nutrition?

Whole live foods are foods grown naturally, without the use of pesticides, fertilizers, and other chemically enhanced gardening aids. Certified organic whole foods are loaded with the vitamins and minerals today’s fresh foods are lacking and are packaged without additives or preservatives so those vital nutrients are retained for your consumption.

A fast paced lifestyle and rat race living make it almost impossible to get the 5 to 9 portions of fruits and veggies that a healthy body needs. The answer is organic whole food vitamins.

The secret is the use of live whole foods that are loaded with nutrients lacking in modern processed food.

Not only do these whole food ingredients supply a higher level of vitamins and minerals than commercial foods and supplements, organic vitamins can provide the benefits of hundreds of fruits, vegetables, nuts, and grains in one single serving.

No matter how carefully you plan your meals and snacks, a hectic schedule can often result in convenience food substitutes and unhealthy snacking, leaving your body craving the nutrients it needs to keep you going.

It is almost impossible between you teen years and say around fifty for the average person to get your recommended allowance of fruits and veggies. Most will not eat 5 servings a day; many will not even consume 5 cups of fruits and vegetables in a week.

The small number of individuals who do eat their veggies will typically consume commercially processed foods, still leaving their body deficient in many crucial nutrients and ingesting a variety of chemical residues.

What if a healthy, vitamin packed diet was simpler and more convenient? What if there was a pill or a smooth, fruit flavored drink that would:

* Provide you with 70 power foods unleashing you with unprocessed benefits?

* Boost your immune system and help fight disease causing germs and bacteria?

* Provide over 80 essential minerals and beneficial enzymes?

* Significantly lower your risks of cancer, diabetes, and other ailments?

* Increase your daily endurance so you get more accomplished without feeling tired before the end of the day?

* Improve your overall health and wellbeing by replenishing the essential nutrients that fuel your body, nutrients not found in most of today’s foods and supplements?

Organic whole food vitamins are the answer to modern nutrition deficiencies and the key to achieving a healthy, balanced, nutrient rich diet in today’s hectic society.

Better than the typical nutrition supplement, organic whole food vitamins contain pure, unprocessed ingredients with thousands of enzymes, antioxidants, and other vital nutrients that can’t be found in most available commercial products.