Organic Fruit Juice Vs. Ordinary Fruit Juice

Organic fruit juice has many good qualities that will benefit the health for you and your family and here’s why…

These days, when you walk into a supermarket, something as simple as picking up a carton of juice can prove to be a daunting task.

It is not uncommon for one to be flummoxed by the plethora of juice products available on the shelves of a typical supermarket aisle.

It can be very confusing which juice to pick up especially when all the brands promise you a world of benefits and claim to be 100% fruit juice, enriched with Vitamin C and are free of preservatives, etc.

However, in reality, many of these fruit “punches” and “cocktails” are nothing but a mix of water, sugar, flavoring, additives and have little or no nutritional value. However, even if you manage to bypass all these “fake” juice brands and pick up freshly squeezed juice, you are still not assured all the benefits and nutrients of organic fruit juices.

Organic fruit juice and non-organic fruit juice are both manufactured the same way. First, the fruit juice is concentrated and reconstituted with water later.

The amount of water that is taken away during the concentration process and the amount that is added back during its reconstitution with water is also similar in both the cases. A typical package of juice will have 80% water after the reconstitution process is over.

Although, the process of manufacture is the same, organic fruit juice has many advantages over non-organic fruit juice. Organic juice has all the benefits of the fresh organic produce that it is derived from whereas an ordinary fruit juice has a lot of pesticides because it is procured from fresh produce that has been sprayed with pesticides.

And during the concentration process, the toxicity level of these pesticides gets multiplied several times over. Opposed to this, when organic fruit juice is concentrated, it is the nutrient value of the produce that increases multi-fold.

Also, since organic juice is made from fresh organic fruits, it contains more micro-nutrients and phyto-nutrients which give the juice its flavor. In other words, the quality of the final juice in terms of flavor and health benefits depends on the quality of the fresh produce it is taken from.

In conclusion, choosing organic fruit juice is not simply about selecting a tastier and healthier juice, but it also means that you are doing the environment and the farmers who grow the produce, a favor.

So when you purchase that carton of organic juice, you are directly supporting the ecology and helping to protect wildlife such as birds.

Also, you are keeping the detrimental effects of pesticide usage at bay from farmers who work the fields, especially in developing nations where the laws against the use of highly toxic pesticide are not as stringent.

So do yourself, your family and the world a favor and go organic!