Organic Cotton – The Growing Trend


Organic cotton is a concept that is gradually gaining popularity in the modern times. People all over the world are becoming more and more aware of issues, such as global warming, pollution and environment protection. The concept of organic cotton has been largely accepted as a solution to these issues.

Organic cotton is cotton that is grown purely on natural lines. The crop is grown using minimal pesticides and fertilizers, if any. Whatever little fertilizers and pesticides are used are natural, and are not harmful to environment. The tools and the various processes used by organic farmers are such that they do not cause any adverse effect on the environment.
During the past few years, organic cotton market has become more global, with improved fiber quality, greater production and trade, more integrated supply chains and rapid growth in demand.

The global organic cotton fiber supply has increased 392% since the 2000-01 harvest to 25,394 metric tones during the 2004-05 crop years.
Gangotri Textiles
Our opinion about organic cotton is that this concept will slowly and gradually get momentum and get increased awareness and acceptance in public. But it will take its own time.

According to us, this should get second priority after organic vegetable and fruits or agricultural crop because those things are directly consumed by us and harmful pesticide and chemicals enter our body directly -whereas in clothes-these remain outside only and hence less harmful.

We see that organic food has not made much progress in last 7 years and speed is very slow due to higher cost. If in case of food -this is so slow; what will happen to cloth one can imagine.
Organic cottonÂ’s benefits can be classified in major two areas -direct and indirect. Direct benefit is on body and indirect benefit is for environment. In our opinion: first its usage is getting accepted in direct benefit area and that also in more sensitive areas like children inner wear etc. People having skin allergies can be next big user segment. Then it can come to outer areas. Once economy gets wealthier-they start caring more for environment.

Affordability is one major issue .Therefore, its usage will increase first in developed country and then in developing countries.

That is the reason many persons prefer to buy synthetic clothes instead of cotton or CVC which are more appropriate to our climate. Left alone is organic cloth which will be costly in multiples.

In our country also first it will get acceptance in luxury stores /Brands and metros etc, then it will come to next layer.
Our company, Gangotri Textiles, is studying this category and preparing for future to develop products which will give benefit to our consumers. It will take at least one -two years to arrive at conclusion. Right now we have received enquiries from our yarn and fabric customers from Europe and we are working on those. Knowledge gained during such supplies will also help us to understand product application more.