Oracle ERPs vs Microsoft ERPs

Microsoft and Oracle are leading companies in the area of ERP system. They provide application software for different segments.

Microsoft ERPs are quite easy to use and handle. They are useful in maintaining relationship with customer, supply management and for financial decisions.

Microsoft ERPs is helpful in integration and giving solution for the successful business management therefore making it easy for the people to take rapid decisions. Microsoft as we know is very easy to adopt and maximum people are familiar with their products. Thus it reduces the risk of implementing a new solution. The various solutions are automatically put in use and chain of supplies, financial streams and relationship with customer are processed in such a way that business is carried out successful. Many of the software products also constitute the Microsoft range which is almost used by every business.

Some of the other features of Microsoft ERP are –

1. Software for Microsoft ERP comes with high performance and security.
2. ERP is authenticated at windows level.
3. Some of its software allows heavy data transfer and recovery.
4. Real time data is accessible.
5. Microsoft ERP can be used for multi location, world spread offices and intercompany transfer.
6. Automated processing of business and flexible modules, which can be easily customized to meet with the needs of each and every company.
7. There is a role based user interface and Microsoft office tools can be easily used along with this solution.
8. With the help of share point portals the software can be shared.

For extreme business flexibility Microsoft Dynamics can be used. Users can buy some other ERP software if the software has to be used in alignment with systems designed on some other platforms.

It is important to know which application suits the best for your system.

Past few decades, Oracle gives the solutions to the customers in the area of customer relationship, database, and resource planning and supply management. Close alignment of customer along with fast implementation, higher quality and lower cost of ownership plays an important role in the success of Oracle ERPs.

The Oracle Centre is created with an intention to improve the services continuously given to the customers. Oracle also focuses on upgrading the oracle technologies and also works on this idea and designing the new tools. With the help of Oracle Centre, it is quite possible to deliver –

1. Provide access to a wider pool of effective talent.
2. Leverage world wide best practices for organization.
3. Predictable service level to customers for better satisfaction.
4. Oracle Application can be designed for purposes of using it on internet which is used by many organisations.
5. Database in Oracle is highly secured because it cannot be broken easily.
6. Whenever the legal standards change they can be adopted fast because they are easily changeable.

In today’s changing world it is important to have full confidence in what you are using. It is important for everything to be flexible so that any change can be adopted. For rapid decision taking updated information is important. To accelerate the performance it is important to trust the systems you are using.

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