Optimize Trade Shows to Promote Your Therapy Practice

Trade shows can be a great way for therapists and practitioners to showcase their work and to educate the public about their work. Promoting your practice at trade shows can offer the following benefits.

Attract New Clients

First and foremost, trade shows offer a great opportunity to attract new clients.  You can even schedule new clients right on the trade show floor. Make sure to bring plenty of newsletters, flyers, brochures, business cards and any other promotional and educational items you have. That means you can give something to people who are looking for information, but are not ready to make a commitment to schedule an appointment at the show.  

Even if you’re unable to schedule an appointment, trade shows are a great way to make contacts for future clients. The key to trade show success is good follow up, so don’t forget to check in with potential clients after a week or so. Several ways to gather contact information include: a giveaway which requires people to register and a list for people to join your mailing list. It’s important to get their name, address and email address. You can include a short questionnaire to ask about their health concerns and any other questions which relate to your therapy.

Create Promotional Opportunities For Your Practice

Trade show booths can operate like a giant billboard for all attendees, including therapists. The organizers provide you with ample space to promote your practice to potential clients. The show gives you a chance to educate the attendees about your practice, the benefits you offer and the type of therapy that you offer. Your booth setup, the things you talk with them about, the materials you have for people to pick up, and anything else you do, needs to help educate people about your practice. If you aren’t educating people it’s time to re-evaluate your approach and your materials.

Trade shows offer opportunities to meet potential clients in a relaxed atmosphere. It is also a time when you can meet people who would work with you to promote your practice. It is likely that you will meet people you wouldn’t meet otherwise. The benefit lies in finding potential promotional partners. It is a great place to find networking opportunities.

In short, trade shows put you in front of potential clients and promotional partners. To find information about trade shows in your area, call the Chamber of Commerce or visit these websites:

In the UK, check out:

These listings offer craft shows, trade shows, art shows, wine festivals and many other events. Use your imagination and see what possibilities you can discover.

Create a Booth that Promotes Your Practice Effectively

Your booth is the temporary office space for your practice. It is important to use a booth plan that is open and inviting. If you use a closed booth, stand in front of the booth or table. This makes it easier to communicate with people when they pass the booth. Busy shows offer the chance to talk with several people at one time.

Here is a checklist of key things needed for shows:

Basic Supplies

  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Stapler and staples
  • Note pads (good to include your name, address and website address)

Promotional Supplies 

  • Plenty of business cards and card holders
  • Pens and/or pencils and pen holder (pens with your name and website)
  • Promotional materials about your practice
  • Flyers and brochures about specific health benefits or types of therapy
  • Scrapbook with client testimonials and copies of published articles.
  • Questionnaires for potential clients to complete
  • Information packets with promo items

Economic Trade Show Promotion

Trade shows can be a useful way to promote your practice, but they can be very expensive. One way to save money is to register early. Many shows have online promotional sites which allow you to register early, usually at a savings. Some shows sell out early, so contact them months in advance and they may offer discounts. Some offer discounts for last minute registration, but at that point there are limited spaces available.

Some trade shows offer special consideration for new “businesses” that can make participation financially possible. Even if you don’t see any mention of discounts or specials, ask the organizer before you decide to participate. 

Many trade shows offer a variety of promotional options. They may offer electricity for your booth, table and chair rental, carpet and similar items. The prices rise as the show draws near. Early planning is a great way to save money and it lessens the stress level as the show draws near. The organizers may have additional personnel to help with your setup. But check ahead of time to verify any charges that are charged for this work.

Save Money While Promoting Your Practice

Each therapist that participates in the show will need to transport supplies and promotional items for the show. Show participants can save some money by bringing these items with them. It is more reasonable to carry the items with you than to ship them to the show. An eye-catching display that you can assemble and disassemble easily can make a great impression and can save you money. However, this will only save you money if you plan to attend plenty of shows.  

When you reserve a spot at a show, remember front and corner booths cost more money. It’s worth your time to contact businesses who displayed in the past to ask about the flow of traffic on the floor. It is better if you attend the show yourself to see which areas attract more traffic. This information is a great way to make the most of an appearance at the show.