Optimism-It’s More Fun!

I’m sure you’ve heard…
An optimist sees the glass as half full
A pessimist sees the glass as half empty
And I will add…
A realist sees that the 8-ounce glass has 4 ounces in it.

So we all have the choice of which of these three we are going to be.

And I’m going to start off with the choice to be an Optimist. My theory is that Optimists have more fun.

It’s infinitely more fun to laugh than it is to cry.

It’s infinitely more fun to see the best in people, places and things than to look for and even worse, find the worst in people, places and things.

It’s infinitely more fun to talk health, happiness and prosperity than to talk about sickness, misery and poverty.

When you think only of the best and expect only the best that is usually what you get—The best.

The choice to be pessimistic about life is just that—a choice. Does it serve you to live your life as a pessimist?

Now the Realist’s think they are the ones who are right. They don’t see the worst but they don’t have the rose colored glasses on either.

After all they only look at what is really happening, right?

But are we just victims of random life happenings or do we control our destiny? Do we create our own reality? It’s much more empowering to think so.

If we create our own reality, does looking at life as a “realist” hold us back? Isn’t reality a changing concept? What is reality today may look very different tomorrow and the next day. If we are the ones who control our own destiny, looking at life as a “realist” can limit our own thinking as to what can change. Life can change in an instant. And it can change for the better if you are looking for possibilities, so why be a realist if you are in control of your own destiny? Reality is just your perception.

So call me the crazy Pollyanna with the Rose-colored glasses hanging out in La-La land, it doesn’t matter to me because my life is Fun!