Oprah Told You The Secret, These 7 Simple Steps Show You How To Use It

By now you may have heard of a phenomenon known as “The Secret”. It has been featured on numerous media outlets as well as Oprah and Larry King. While you may know that it is referring to the Law of Attraction, you may not understand what that means.

What is the Law of Attraction? A very simple way to describe it is “like attracts like.” This means that whatever thoughts you hold will manifest in results in your life. If you think thoughts of lack and limitation, your life will also be full of lack. If you think only about prosperity, you will become wealthy. One thing that must be remembered is that thoughts become things. Guard your thoughts carefully.

Once you learn this important truth, you must get very clear on what you want. The universe will give you exactly what you ask for. Therefore you must be careful what you ask for. The best way to do this is simply by writing it down. This eliminates any confusion as to what you want. After you write it down, practice feeling what it would feel like to have what you’ve written. If you wrote down that you want a million dollars, act as if you already have it.

The next step is to nourish your mental vision with only positive influences. You must learn to have a very positive attitude. For starters, don’t watch the news anymore. The only things they ever report on are negative things. You won’t miss anything. The really important news, you’ll hear from people you know. Secondly, don’t associate with negative or unsupportive people. If someone thinks you’re crazy for believing in the Law of Attraction, just stop hanging out with them. Another thing to watch out for is vicious vocabulary that actually sets you back in your effort. Don’t say anything that isn’t supportive of your vision.

Next you must utilize the knowledge of others. Like causes produce like effects, so if you can emulate a successful person, do it. Masterminding with others is a great way to get new ideas. Associate with like-minded people. Ask yourself what a successful person would do in a given situation. Would they take the easy way out, or do it right? Then once you have the answer, act as if that person would act.

Additionally, you must continually learn about the Law of Attraction. Read books that support what you want to do also. You can utilize tools such as frequent visualization, affirmations, or exercises. Just make sure to remain focused.

By far, the most important step is to believe in what you’re doing. Without belief you will get nowhere. Every moment that you spend entertaining doubt, you are actually moving further away from what you want. See yourself in possession of the good that you desire and believe that it is coming to you.

If you follow these steps, you cannot fail. It’s the law!