Online Video Blogging

Online Video Blogging: Where has it Taken Us?

A lot of people today save a part of their time to sit down in front of a camera and record their thoughts. Some sing, some dance, some are genuine, some are false, some crave attention, others crave cash, but all want to experience the connection provide by online video blogging. But what is the future of online video blogging? Where has it taken us, and where will it end?

Online video blogging has torn down the walls of discrimination. This, at least, holds true for some people. Online video blogging has allowed people to access a deeper side of their fellow human beings. They are given access to what lies beyond the masks that every person uses to face the world.

Of course, people also encounter a few phonies in the world of online video blogging (Can anyone say “lonelygirl15”?). All in all though, online video blogging provides people with an opportunity to understand that other people can also be understood in the context of their lives.

Let’s face it: in each of our minds, we are the center of the universe. Sure, we may try to pretend that we are not self-centered, but the fact remains that every person has, at one time or another wondered whether or not the world was a personal dream. This isn’t bad; it is just a natural part of being human. Online video blogging, however, has shown us that maybe other people are actually experiencing what we are. Other people may hold the same opinion of life as we do.

Although each person remains undeniably unique, it does help to know that there are similarities that we share with the rest of humanity. We all have misconceptions regarding what other people are like. Some of these have been planted by our culture, others have been instilled during our childhood, there are also misconceptions brought about by living in a world where every culture was divided.

Online video blogging has allowed us to build a whole new global culture. Through online video blogging, we are beginning to understand the reasons for what we used to see as flaws in other people. Online video blogging allows each of us to glimpse a part of other people’s souls. That is an opportunity that would be useful in ushering a new era of human understanding.

Online video blogging has also shown us new ways of entertaining ourselves. The infamous lonelygirl video blog has shown us how interesting life can be, even without fancy sets and over-the-top acting. We have been given an opportunity to fully revamp the way we look at other people. We have discovered that within each person lies a story that we can appreciate.

Online video blogging has shown us a new brand of television where we are part of the show. People expressing their opinions on their video blogs get video responses from people who may or may not agree with them. The argument becomes heated, the argument becomes diverted, people start talking about things that do not actually matter in the face of the original argument, some fool suddenly comments “fag!” and a great show is born for people to enjoy.

So where has online video blogging taken us? It has taken us to a whole new level of viewing experience. Where is online video blogging taking us? That question remains to be answered.