Online MBA vs Offline MBA

With the rapid change in technology worldwide, a lot of things have changed including how people pursue education to better themselves. There has been an ongoing debate concerning which among the two modes of acquiring higher education is better off. The main issue between MBA online as compared to MBA offline will mostly depend on a few factors that clearly distinguish between the two. One of the major differences between the two is the study environment used in each case. For online study, one will study by making use of the internet. This will require the person who is pursuing higher education to have a computer and also have a reliable internet connection.

The other major notable difference between MBA online and MBA offline is that online study is best fitted for those students who have limited time. In this case, these are the people who are employed and have a full time job to attend to. This leaves them with limited time of moving from their offices to heading to their campuses for lectures. Thus the online system of studying MBA course becomes ideal and viable. The student will able to access the required learning materials from anywhere as long there is a computer and internet access. This gives the learner the chance to utilize any available opportunity as opposed to the class system. For the class system, one has to be available in the lecture room at the specified time failure to which a person will miss the lecture.

Lecturers conduct their lectures by use of web interactive based programs. They also make use of instant messenger, use of emails, message boards, online group discussion among other applicable methods that ensure there is harmony and interaction between the lecturers and students. When it comes to research work, online students make use of online libraries and online journals to facilitate their research work. The campus based students on the other hand have access to their lecturers. They interact one on one with their lectures in class and this can be extended even after lectures. They also interact with their professors and fellow students in person. This is an advantage to them as one can be able to interact and ask troubling questions. Group discussions can also be formed if the students involved feel like doing so to help one another.

Looking at MBA online as compared to offline MBA there is no major differences between the contents of the courses being offered. The same materials and course contents used for both instances, the number of hours taken are usually the same. The online study system has been highly developed and has been made easy to use just like any classroom based system. There are always technical people around the clock to help anyone who might be in problem. Students are able to join various group projects and online discussions to facilitate their learning process. There is that freedom of studying from anywhere in the world. What is required is for one to manage their time efficiently.