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How to Use the Internet to Enhance Your Online Dating Experience

The Internet not only provides a powerful communication medium when you are involved in an online dating relationship. It can also help to enhance the entertainment that you and your online beau can experience together. Using some fun games and high-speed tools, you can not only use the Internet to send emails, but you can use it for a large variety of other purposes as well.

Here are a few ideas for helping you maximize your Internet connection so that you can truly connect with your loved one.

1. Photos
Of course, the most obvious way to use the Internet when you are involved in a relationship is to send photos back and forth to one another. Photos not only help to connect the two of you, but they also help to break the ice. If you’re capable of using photo editing software, then dress your loved one’s photos up with fun colors or images. The change will make the two of you laugh and shows a bit of affection.

2. Games
There are a plethora of fun games available on the Internet. These games can often be played by two or more people, making them the ideal way to challenge each other to think differently and capitalize off of the online forum. you can find fun Internet games either on game specialty Web sites or through instant messaging services such as Yahoo!

3. Video
With a small investment into a Web cam, you can observed your loved on via video camera. You can talk as if you are talking face to face either by connecting via the phone or attaching a microphone to your computer. Remember to look at the camera while you are speaking. While it is somewhat awkward to stare directly at a camera while talking, you will find that it will appear as if you are looking directly at your loved one.

4. Movies
There are many Web sites that offer movies and music that you can stream into your system. If the two of you watch the move simultaneously, you will find that it is almost the same experience as going out to a movie together…almost. You can chat via phone or Internet telephone about what is going on in the movie and even recommend certain movies to one another. A great site for a multitude of genres in film is