Online Essay

Take out the aspect of Online Essay from essay writing world-it looks incredible. Speed and accuracy are the sustaining forces behind the success of Online Essay Providers. You will find a fierce competition from the Online Essay Providers, the selection of not the essay topic, but the Essay Provider becomes a problem. It is easy for anyone to claim that they have a stock of 100,000 essays and can cater to your need of any type of essay Online, within the click of the button. Such essays are generally cut and paste essays from sources like Internet, and lack originality. An essay has both the time value and content value. For, an essay written on Abraham Lincoln 100 years ago, and written now, will have the noticeable difference. But what does it matter for those Service Providers, who view education from pure commercial angle and have no concern for the career of the students?

Time element is the important as for the Online essay, but that factor should no way compromise on the quality of essay. Your essay is linked to your career, Online essay or otherwise! It should be written according to the instructions of your Tutor. Your Service Provider should understand the instructions and fulfill your aspirations. A slight variation in the subject matter may require entirely different type of research. You should be in a position to participate in the writing process. Facilities for direct communication with the writer will solve many a misunderstandings as for the instruction part of the Online essay. This is done through the messaging system.

Every Online essay has the deadline, and sticking to it is an important part of the Online essay. The customer must get some time, to suggest corrections if any, and such modifications, if found feasible, should be carried out on top priority basis. The Service Provider must also have in-house infrastructure to carry out urgent revisions, in case the assigned author fails in his responsibilities due to willful negligence or circumstances beyond his control. The Service provider must also have a Quality Assurance program. Plagiarism check is one of the fundamental requirements for an Online essay.

Before placing the order for your Online essay, study the rules and regulations of the Company. The reputation of the Service Provider and standing are of prime importance. See whether you have multiple pricing options. Whether the Service Provider charges the same rate for an Undergraduate essay and for a post-graduate level essay? If yes, it should put you on enquiry immediately. Are there any hidden charges for revision?

Many Service Providers supply a one page sample essay free to enable you to judge the quality of writing. Where as this one page may not be the final assurance as for the quality for your paper, if such a facility is there, do avail it. It will give you some inkling about their Online essay claims. Check the word count per page. 225 words is the minimum but an ideal page has a word count of 275.