Online Dating Lines to Avoid

Top 5 Lines to Avoid When Looking for Love Online

When introducing yourself to a potential date online, it can sometimes be tempting to say very honest confessions that you may not regularly offer in real life. Similarly, there are certain details that might as well be left out when establishing an online relationship for the first time. If you find yourself having a hard time weeding through the oceans of potential online suitors, use these top 5 lines to avoid as a place to begin the selection process.

5. My wife doesn’t treat me right. Will you?
This line not only implies that this individual may not be entirely good at interpersonal relationships, but it also should be a huge red flag to you that the individual is actually married. It is important that you stick to available partners when searching for love online, after all, you deserve someone who will give you the attention and love that you deserve.

4. I don’t really have hobbies; I work.
While having a strong work ethic is an attractive feature in any individual, it is important that you have someone in your life with whom you can share life experiences. Avoid the temptation to try to change a work-aholic, and avoid a situation where you might be forced to eventually issue an ultimatum.

3. My friend made me put up this profile.
This line could be truthful, but proceed with caution. More likely than not, the individual that posts this comment lacks the self-confidence to admit that he is actually curious about the results that online dating could yield. Likewise, he or she runs the risk of not being too sure of a relationship with you. Select someone that is able to commit and not make excuses for himself/herself.

2. I’m a momma’s boy.
Ladies, we all know the blessings and curses of dating a “momma’s boy.” In high school, it was endearing if the boyfriend respected his mother. His mother is his idol and will, perhaps, hold you in the same regard as her. In reality, if a grown man still identifies himself as a momma’s boy, there is a very defined problem. It is essential that any potential love material has a fully severed umbilical cord. While a strong relationship with his mother should be encouraged, the relationship should be healthy and allow for plenty of independence. After all, if he’s a momma’s boy, can can’t possibly be your boy too!

1. Wanna come over tonight?
If you haven’t figured it out by now, this individual is after one thing: the attainment of a quick hook-up. Chances are high that a relationship that is not built upon a solid foundation of friendship and conversation will most likely crumble within hours. Therefore, unless you are also looking for some fast loving, it would be in your best interest to avoid online hook-ups and one-night-stands.