Online College Degrees Give Students More Options

Perhaps the most significant change in higher education in the United States over the past several years has been the rapid growth in online education programs offered by major colleges and universities. The number of schools offering these programs has been steadily increasing over the past 5 years and the trend shows no signs of changing anytime soon.

The true beneficiaries of online education have generally been young working adults. No longer is the potential student faced with the tough decision of attending college full time or working full time. Many of these young adults also have families which previously made the choice even more difficult. With the introduction of online education the advantages for potential students have become obvious.

Make sure that you look for an accredited school when doing your school research. Accreditation is very important. while almost 100% of the major colleges and universities offer accredited courses online, there are a number of smaller schools that do not.

Don’t think that getting an online education is going to be easy. It still requires the same amount of work and studying as do classes offered at traditional campus based colleges. Online students usually have access to real instructors and in many cases even have access to the campus based facilities of the online school they are attending.

The types of degrees offered via online courses also has increased greatly over the past few years. Not only can you obtain an associate or bachelor’s degree online, but you can now study and obtain a masters or in some cases a doctorate via online learning.

Your lifetime earning power has never been more closely related to your educational level than it is in the early 21st century. One of the first things employers look at when considering promotions or whom to hire for a skilled position is the educational level of the employee. A person with college degree will earn quite a bit more money over a working lifetime than will someone without a degree.

In prior years when a student graduated high school they were faced with 2 choices. Either they attend college or they went out and found a full time job. There were a number of people who attended night school, and still do, but those with families often found this a difficult thing to do. Now with online education many people have found it much easier to hold down a job, with a family and attend college online.

The biggest group of people who have benefited from online education are those who have been working for a few years, have established themselves in their business to some degree, but who sense they have stagnated In prior years these people often found it necessary to quit their jobs and return to college full time. Now they can continue to work and attend college. It’s the best of both worlds.