One Word Can Change Everything!

I want to share a simple but important key in goal setting.

For many years, successful people have been writing down their goals and affirmations. Then, they discipline themselves to read those goals or affirmations every day. This is one proven method of getting information into your belief system.

Once something is in your belief system, it will become evident in your life. It’s not magic; it’s just the way the mind works. We will always evidence in our lives what we hold in our belief system.

Some call it “belief system,” while others refer to it as “core beliefs.” The Bible refers to it as the “heart.” In fact, one verse states, “As he thinks in his heart, so is he.”

Regardless of how you choose to label it, this is the way the mind works. As a result, people have been writing down their goals for many years, in order to get information into their heart.

They write things like, “I am going to be successful,” or, “I will loose 30 pounds this summer.” They say, “I am going to do this,” or “I’m going to be that.”

When you write down your goals or affirmations, a great key is to use the word, “because.” The word “because” is a very important element in things that we believe. Those last two statements probably didn’t have much of an impact on you, and I agree. After reading them, you may have even thought, “Why?” And that’s a good point.

Without a reason, the mind disputes the affirmation.

The word, “because” is a very important element in things that we hear. If I add the word, “because,” my statement now has a logical reason to be believed.

Studies show that when someone goes to a location with a long line and then asks someone in line if they can get in front of them that about 50% of the time the person asked would agree, and say, “Okay.”

However, if, when asking to cut in line they add the word, “because,” the acceptance jumps from 50% to 90%! “Can I get in front of you because I am really in a big hurry?” Or, “Can I get in front of you because I am already ten minutes late?” The studies found that even if it was a lousy reason that followed the word “because,” 90% of the people would still let the person asking go ahead of them.

Our minds are trained and conditioned so that when we hear a statement followed by the word, “because,” we assume that a very logical explanation will follow; we know a justifiable reason for the statement must exist. That’s how our minds react to the word, “because.” We will much more readily accept a statement that’s followed by the word, “because.”

You can try it out right now! I’m going to give you a statement, first without the word, “because,” and then, a statement with the word, “because.” You decide which one has more impact. First, here’s a statement without using the word, “because.” Using positive affirmations will change your life. That statement had very little impact to your brain. But, now, pay attention to the impact when I use the word, “because.”

Using positive affirmations will change your life because you will alter your core beliefs and thus change your outlook, interpretation and reactions to life.

Do you see the difference?

Using that little word, “because,” makes your goals or affirmations real and believable. Our minds perceive it as a very good reason to believe the statement. Writing down your goals or affirmations is a very good method because it helps to get that information into your mind and eventually into your heart, your belief system. Adding the word, “because” allows your mind to accept that information more readily, because your mind perceives it as justifiable.

Once that information is in your heart, it will become evident in your life, because, “as he thinks in his heart so is he.”