One Simple Step Toward Manifesting Your Heart’s Desire

This single step can catapult you toward the fulfillment of your dreams. It is not an action step. It is neither an affirmation nor a visualization. It is a swap.

In this step, you swap one question that you are asking for another. You may not even be aware that you are asking this question. Whether you are aware of it or not, you can trade it in for a new question. In the process you move yourself forward. You also gain momentum toward your joy.

Trade In This Question:

“Is it possible for me?”

When we want something and it is not manifesting, we tend to ask this question, “Is it possible for me?” We may ask ourselves, we may ask our friends, or we may ask our advisors. We may ask out loud or it may just flutter around us as an unspoken air of uncertainty. We vibrate to the wavelength of “Is it possible?”

This question is like a fork in the road. It simultaneously and equivalently points to “yes” and to “no.” It activates both answers and sets up a mixed signal.

This question also reveals a lack of awareness of the way the universe works. Since your attention is molding your soon to be created reality, what is possible for you is always changing according to what you have access to. And so this question, by giving you heightened access to both the yes and no, is not helping you.

Ask This Question Instead:

“How do I get there?”

This question includes the mystical understanding that, through your desire, the reality you seek has already been seeded. And now, since we understand that it is possible, the only question is, “How do I get there?” This question raises no “no” in its vibrational mix and you are well on your way to discovering your new journey.

This simple swap of questions carries with it an enormous shift in vibrational readiness. You might want to keep a notebook handy to jot down new opportunities as they present themselves. They will once you make this simple swap.


To make this swap even more powerful, take it beyond your conscious, rational mind. After all, your doubts go deeper. Why not bring your new awareness to greater fulfillment by soaking your mind in your new question?

Sit upright and focus your attention inward.

Consider your desired feeling. Find the feeling. Then simply ask, “How do I get there?” Do not look for an answer. It will probably come later or tomorrow when you least expect it. It will not come as a logical answer but as a moment of inspired action. For now, just sit in the question. The answer will reveal itself in the living of your life.

Copyright (c) 2006 Rebbie Straubing