One Shoe By Two, A Weight Loss Exercise Program For You

So it’s time to start losing weight. Where do you start? The gym? Running? Maybe you don’t feel ready for, or interested in either of these – that’s fine, no one says you have to. The best weight loss exercise program is the one with which you’re the most comfortable. But weight’s got to come off somehow. The best place to begin? With a pair of shoes.

Walking is a perfect exercise for those just starting into weight loss exercise. Yet even for the long experienced, many continue to walk as a consistent exercise. Why? For such a simple activity, walking yields extraordinary benefits. Over a prolonged period, say, an hour, it is approximately equivalent to running for twenty minutes or so. Regardless of the length of a walk, you strengthen and build elasticity in muscles. And in all circumstances, you raise your heart rate, and burn calories. Not so bad for an hour a day.

Want to incorporate walking into your weight loss exercise program? It’s easy – the gym’s right outside your door. Just grab a pair of comfortable shoes and find a comfortable pace, but push yourself a bit – enough so that you’ll feel “the burn”, so to speak, after a fairly short period. Want some more tips? Check these out:

1.) Walk With A Friend

Walking in company will make the time just fly by, and be very enjoyable. Even better, an exercise partner helps you stay motivated. If you have a preset meeting time, you won’t want to let your friend down – and they’ll want to be there for you, too. That way, you can be sure to stick with your weight loss exercise program.

2.) Try A Pedometer

Pedometers are small electronic tools used to count steps. You just clip it to your belt, and it measures the small jolt to your body every time you take a step. If you challenge yourself to walk further each day, you know your successes. In fact, a University of Minnesota study found that pedometers actually encourage you to walk more – and lose more weight. Researchers studied two groups that walked for weight loss, one of which used a pedometer. The group with pedometers walked an average of 2500 more steps a day – or around a 30% increase. Maybe you’d like to feel that motivated, too.

3.) Change Up Your Routes

Actually, walking can be a great opportunity to get to know the area around you. It’s a weight loss exercise program that never has to get old. Pick a new route each day, maybe one that goes around your neighborhood one day, or heads off to another section of town or to a trail, if you have the opportunity. Don’t make your routine a routine – switch it up and make it fun!

All it takes is the lacing of your shoelaces. Your weight loss exercise program is easier than you though it was, and a lot more accessible. And remember, make it work for yourself. Pick areas you want to go, choose a time you like, and make it happen. Have fun!