One Degree Between Success And Failure

What’s the difference between success and failure…?

One Degree!

Have you ever seen Tiger Woods play golf?

Tiger Woods knows the importance of one degree. Why?

Well, think about this for a moment.

What’s the difference between Tiger hitting a perfect straight shot and him hitting a shot that goes way off to the right?

You guessed it… One Degree.

One degree of difference in the angle of his club can mean hitting a perfect shot or hitting a shot that goes nowhere close to the direction he wanted it to go.

So what does that have to do with you, especially if you don’t know anything about golf?


You make decisions everyday of your life that will dictate where you end up in life. One wrong decision, if not corrected properly, can make your life go in a completely different direction than where you wanted it to go.

Now, don’t get discouraged about that. Everyone makes wrong choices in their life, finances, career, and relationships.

But how do you learn to correct those things and then how to avoid making many of those mistakes in the first place?

You need what Tiger Woods has.

You need a coach or mentor.

Tiger may be the best golfer in the world, but imagine if he didn’t have a coach. He would be out there with no one to help him correct the things that are throwing his game off. He would be out there all by himself trying to figure out what was going wrong.

You see, Tiger’s coach may not play golf as well as Tiger, but he can see and recognize the things that Tiger may not be doing correctly. He can see little things like the way Tiger is standing, the swing of his club, the angle of his club, and countless other things that Tiger may not even know. And if Tiger does know that he is doing something wrong, he may not know how to correct it.

Well, it works exactly the same way in your life. Coaches and mentors will help you get to your goal much faster because they know what you need to do, what you need to stop doing, or what you need change in order to get you to where you want to be.

Think of it this way.

You have been told that you have greatness on the inside of you. To realize that greatness you have two roads that you can choose to travel down. On the first road you must go alone. They tell you that this road is more or less the same as the second road. Both roads have potholes, speed traps, dangerous bends, detours, unnecessary exits, or unexpected obstacle.

The second road however, has a tour guide who will help you on your way. If you listen to the guide he can help you avoid many of these dangers. And if you do happen to get into some type of trouble, he knows ways to help you get back on course.

So which road would you choose?

Decide today that you are going to surround yourself with coaches and mentors in your life to help you achieve greatness in your life.