Onboard Cruise Entertainments

Onboard Entertainment Is Half The Fun

Think of it as a floating paradise with an exotic, tropical destination being the icing on the cake and the idea of what a Caribbean cruise is all about begins to become almost as crystal clear as the turquoise waters that will lap at the ship’s side while sailing toward a port of call. Half the fun of a cruise is on that ship itself.

Those who think cruising is about sitting around the doing nothing, half bored out of their minds, have never really checked out a cruise. There’s so much to do and see onboard a typical Caribbean cruise liner, passengers sometimes find it hard to pry themselves away to check out their destinations.

When it comes to entertainment, cruise ships leave very few stones unturned. With a whole crew of people employed to do nothing but entertain, it’s very difficult to get bored while on a cruise vacation. But, and this is where it gets even better, if just kicking back and relaxing is what you have in mind, that can be achieved as well.

For those who like to really pack in the fun, however, a typical cruise ship offers the following onboard activities for the trip to the Caribbean port of call on your agenda:
* Live entertainment. From comedy shows to musical performances and even live plays, cruise ships are known for hiring some of the best to entertain guests during dinners and at special shows scheduled throughout the journey.
* Swimming. Most major cruise ships have at least one onboard pool, if not more. Plus, some even have their own onboard version of a water park, complete with slides, whirlpools and more.
* Golf. Golf on board a cruise ship? You bet! Some cruises even offer golf lessons with an actual pro to help their passengers improve their swing before they hit one of the Caribbean’s famous golf courses.
* Spa packages. Many ships have onboard spas so guests can pamper themselves while they take in the oceanic sights.
* Contests, games and more. There’s always something going on from ping-pong and shuffleboard to cards and more.
* Casino action. Many cruises have their own casinos that offer some serious action on the tables.
* Children’s entertainment. Kids are not forgotten on cruises. With clubs just for teens and programs for the smaller passengers, there’s something appropriate and fun for all ages.
* Dancing. If you like to cut a rug, most cruises ships can more than accommodate.

When it comes to having fun, it’s hard not to achieve that on a cruise. Offering just about anything a traveler could want to do while passing the time on their way to the Caribbean, cruise ships are meant to be floating vacation paradises with their destinations just providing the icing on the cake.

Source: https://positivearticles.com