on your wedding day stay positive

The wedding isn’t traditionally what you would call a ‘fun’ experience. Sure, thousands of people all over the world will tell you what a lovely event it is with a picture perfect ear-to-ear grin but don’t make the mistake of believing them for even one minute. If you caught them at the right moment (like on the morning of their big day or a minute before they stepped on to the aisle) they too would crack up like a brittle nut. So if you have been chewing of those manicured nails of yours fretting about your wedding day don’t worry honey its absolutely normal. You aren’t commitment phobic. You aren’t neurotic. You aren’t having a nervous breakdown. And you surely don’t need a good vodka shot every now and then to help you think straight!

So here’s the deal, everyone wants to look and feel their best on their wedding day. Everyone wants their dress to remain crease free, their eyes to look un-puffy, their hair to stay put in the pins and nets they have been forced into…BUT shit happens and that’s a fact. So in case you break into pimple in the very morning you are going to get married remember it should not to be a reason for your husband to be to change his mind”I do” remember it ought not to be a reason for your husband to be to change his mind. Things go wrong all the time, especially at weddings where a hundred little bits of work need to be done. But it’s not the ceremony that matters. Sure the flowers and the cake and the dress are all important. Hell! They are what your wedding photos will look great for. But do remember the real reason why the wedding is really taking place.

In case that doesn’t seem to help then get down and take control of your panic. First thing you should make sure of is that you sleep at least eight hours everyday for a whole week before your wedding day. This will keep you refreshed and make sure you don’t have those ugly under eye bags or dark circles staring out from your face. Next, try and stay active. Visit the gym as regularly as possible. Don’t strain yourself, but make sure you don’t just sit at home and get lazy.

On the day of your wedding go ahead and have a comforting bubble bath or a relaxing massage. Depending on what time of the day your wedding is scheduled to take place (morning, afternoon or evening) you might also head to your nearest spa and enjoy some pampering. If you need some time alone, sneak out all by yourself. But if the big day jitters seem to have you strongly in it’s grasp take a friend with you to have a nice chat with.

Make sure you have all the time in the world to do your hair and make up. Unnecessary haste will only lead to you looking like a nightmare on the most important day of your life! You should also be be on the safe side and keep around you at least one person who will take care of last minute tasks. She will be the one to quickly stitch up a loose end on your dress or run to the store incase your stocking suddenly develops a ladder. If you are likely to burst into tears during the ceremony (and trust me you are likely to burst up into tears, even the toughest stones have been known to turn to butter at weddings) then keep a few tissues handy. Else stick to waterproof makeup!

In the last few seconds before finally surrendering your single status once and for all you should remember why exactly you went through those awful tasks of planning and executing. Try and think of the person who made you go thru the trauma of the months preceding your big day and curse a bit under your breath ( don’t swear aloud!). You should also think how much you must adore and love this person to actually be in that preposterous wedding dress you will never wear again. The walk up the aisle ought to be a cakewalk after that.

Copyright (c) 2007 Yehiel Carter