Omega Juicer – Almost No Vibration When Juicing

The Omega juicer has been made in the same style and tradition of quality for over 40 years.

It has been designed to look great and provide excellent quality juices.

Omega juicers combine the look of a tough plastic outer in a classical white color with the inside containing the highest quality surgical steel.

This is the way that Omega have been made for the last 40 years and nothing will change because this is their trademark look.

The Omega model is not only nice looking and dependable, it is also designed to be easy to clean. Its powerful 1/3 horsepower motor goes at a rate of 3600 rpm.

It contains an electric induction motor, which means that it is the quietest running juicer in its range. Electric induction motors are also made with no brushes and very few moving parts. This means that, without parts rubbing together, they are less likely to burn out, making the Omega one of the most dependable juicers around.

Omega machines also contain surgical stainless steel parts. By using surgical stainless steel parts that have been sandblasted or polished, this juicer is family friendly, easy to clean and very nice to look at.

It also has the added usefulness of hand balanced baskets that stops almost all of the vibration in the unit while you are juicing. The basket is also very easy to clean.

The blades are of a quality surgical stainless steel polished finish that wonÂ’t wear down with regular use.

The way the blade has been designed allows it to float. This added feature also helps to cut down on the vibration of the unit.

The Omega machine also comes with a 10 year warranty on the blade parts.

There are also optional extras in the Omega Juicer range, these include citrus attachments and filters that are designed to reduce the mess of juicing even further.