Oily Skin Can be an Annoying Problem ?

Does your skin have a tendency to shine excessively?

As a person with acne prone skin, I know that having oily skin can be an annoying problem. However, the good news is that this very same oil “issue” will help to give your complexion a nice, radiant appearance later in life . Another plus is that oily skin can better withstand wrinkles and sun damage compared to dry skin.

While oily skin may be able to resist many insults, it is never a good idea to mistreat your skin with harsh cleansers that strip away the moisture. Doing this will certainly leave your complexion with a dry, flaky appearance. Your skin’s natural oils are actually a good thing. Therefore, the best approach to oil is not to fight it, but to control it instead.

1. Gently cleanse without scrubbing.

Instead of harshly scrubbing your skin, try applying a cleanser with cold water. Using your fingertips only, softly work the lather onto your face using circular motions.

2. Don’t forget the astringent.

It is very important to apply an astringent at least twice daily. Sea Breeze or Witch Hazel tends to work great for my skin.

3. Use an oil blocker.

There are great products on the market that will work well for excess oil absorption. You can either apply an oil blocking cream or buy some thin oil blotting sheets. You’ll be surprised at how great these items work to keep the excess shine at bay.

4. Moisturize or not to moisturize—that is the question.

If your complexion is mildly oily, then you could probably use a skin moisturizer. However, if your skin is very oily, then chances are you don’t need one.

5. Pick the right type of makeup.

Oil-free and water based products tend to work best for oily complexions.

Rest assured that by putting these tips to use that your skin’s oily appearance will be replaced with a nice, natural glow.