Oh Jesus, Why?

Are you afraid to be spiritual, to express your wisdom, or to teach what you have learned? Do you feel you are stifling yourself, and being what society and your family want you to be to stay safe? Are you concerned that you will be hurt or killed if you are truly yourself?

Well, you are not alone. As a Marriage, Family Therapist for 27 years, I worked with numerous clients who had these fears. In a process I developed, HART which stands for Holistic And Rapid Transformation, I helped many men and women overcome their blocks and free themselves to be all that they are.

For example, Stan, a forty-two-year-old salesman, had relationship, career, and health problems. In one session, we discovered that he always had a deep fear of being his true self. Stan was an extrovert who loved to communicate and teach. However, he felt inhibited; he was afraid to speak his truth, especially in large groups of people.

Stan always wanted to be a spiritual leader but was afraid to follow his dream. He had studied Theology, and read many spiritual books of all denominations, including New Thought Churches (Unity and Church of Religious Science).

To help Stan, I said, “Close your eyes and go back to the time when you decided that it was not safe to be a spiritual leader.” Stan’s eyes immediately started to hurt. I continued, “Say the words, ‘I don’t want to see ___ and finish the sentence.” He replied, “I don’t want to see Jesus on the cross,” and deep sobs came from the depth of his being.

When Stan stopped crying, I suggested that he imagine that he was in a movie theater and that he was detached from the scene. He felt more relaxed and his eyes were no longer hurting. Feeling more courageous now, Stan was able to see on the movie screen an image of Jesus on the cross. I asked him what he was deciding from this scene. He replied that it is not safe to express new spiritual ideas. Stan was afraid he would be crucified!

This may sound illogical and farfetched. However, this is what came up in his unconscious. Stan had no idea that these thoughts were plaguing him. The logical mind is in the left brain and the emotional part of us is in the right brain. When I asked Stan to visualize, he switched to his right brain and there it was.

To help Stan release his negative thoughts, I suggested that he ask Jesus why He had to suffer like he did. The answer he received from Jesus was that it was the way He chose to make a difference in those times and that he did not have to do it His way. Stan also heard that he could express himself and he will be safe.

The relief on Stan’s face was amazing. In fact, his whole body relaxed and he spontaneously took a few deep breaths. He was letting go of his fears and feeling safe to be himself. In fact, his new decision was, I am being me and I am appreciated and safe.

We continued his therapy for a few more weeks until Stan felt more confident in every area of his life. As he released what was troubling him, his body felt better and his doctors were amazed at his progress. Since I have been working with the mind/body connection for all these years, I was not surprised. I learned that your body is expressing what you are thinking and feeling. Stan decided to follow his dream and he enrolled in a ministers program. His relationship also improved because he was feeling happier and good about himself.

There were many other clients who regressed back to the time when Jesus was crucified and said, “Oh Jesus, Why!” They all received a similar answer which freed them of their unconscious fears. What a joy it was to witness men and women overcoming their self-defeating thoughts, and allowing themselves to express who they are and do what they wanted to do.