Office Stationery

Resourcing quality office stationery is an essential duty of any office manager – the right office stationery can enable your colleagues to do the best job possible and give them the tools they need to be organised and methodical in their approach to their work and when arranging their workstations.

The term “office stationery” covers a massive range of items, from pens and pencils to adhesives, diaries and planning boards. There are many different manufacturers working in the office stationery industry and the choice can be overwhelming, but careful research, and the use of a quality retailer you can trust, will help you make the right decision when it comes to ordering and updating your office stationery supplies.

When looking to resource new supplies of office stationery, office managers and business owners may be surprised to learn the range of products that the category covers. The term “office stationery” can be said to encompass all of the items below, and many more:

adhesives; tapes; art supplies; graphic supplies; books; pads; craft supplies; desktop accessories; envelopes; files; pockets; binders; labels; legal supplies; personnel supplies; office planning; paper; pens; pencils; writing supplies; personal planning and office accessories

Adhesive and tape products for the office are available in a wide variety of forms and can prove useful for many tasks around the workplace. Adhesive and tape products include latex adhesives, photomount, PVA, spraymount and all-purpose adhesives, clear tape, double-sided tape, drafting tape, invisible tape, masking tape, packing tape, printed tape and other specialist tape. Tapes are available in a choice of different thicknesses. Glue sticks, rollers and tacks can also be made use of for a number of office tasks.

Art supplies and graphic supplies also come under the umbrella of office stationery and quality art and graphic materials are very important when it comes to making the right impression of your business with your customers. Art and graphic supplies include crayons, chalk, charcoal, cutting mats, drawing aids, fine art pencils, guillotines, trimmers, cutters, knives, technical pens and other general graphics supplies.

There are many different books and pads that can be of use to all sizes of business when it comes to keeping and maintaining records and general administration. Some of the books and pads that may be of use to your business include accounts books, address books, analysis pads, business card books, drawing pads, duplicate books, electronic books, manuscript books, memo pads, refill pads, repositional notes, signature books, spiral notebooks, visitor’s books, specialist books and other general books and pads.

One of the most important uses of office stationery is to help you and your team create and maintain a tidy and organised office environment to enable greater efficiency and create a good impression among customers. There are hundreds of different office and desk accessories on the market and it is a good idea to think through the different requirements of your team and workplace before you begin to place an order.

Some of the different office accessories available on the market include blotters, book racks, magazine files, clipboards, desk mats, desk tidies, drawer sets, letter trays, perforators, pins, clips, fasteners, rubber stamps, scissors, letter openers, stamp pads, ink, staplers, stapler removers, staples, tape dispensers, telephone arms, telephone indexes and a variety of other desktop accessories that include thimbles and organisers.

Envelopes and other mailing materials are an essential item for any business. Using the right envelopes can create an excellent impression of your business to customers and they are also important for the purpose of sending mail internally within your business. The different types of envelope available on the market include standard envelopes in a variety of different sizes, machine envelopes, padded envelopes, padded bags, pre-printed envelopes, protective envelopes, internal envelopes and wage envelopes.

Envelopes come in a variety of finishes, as well as being available in different designs and formats. Different finishes of envelope include gusset plain and window envelopes, manilla plain and window envelopes, plain white envelopes, plain window envelopes and specialist character envelopes.

When mail needs to be sent with extra protection and packaging, there are many different options available on the market. Larger and fragile mail can be sent by padded envelope, parcel pack, box and padded bag and these items of office stationery are all available to order from quality retailers.

It is essential for any business to organise and file documents and other administration using an effective and logical approach. Office stationery is a highly useful tool when it comes to organising the many files and other administrative paperwork that your business generates. Some of the filing and organisational stationery solutions that are available on the market include archive filing stationery, box files, card holders, card indexes, card index supplies, computer binders, display books, dividers, indexes, tabs, easel binders, expanding files, home filing accessories, lateral filing accessories, lever arch files, manilla folders, manilla files, manilla wallets, plastic folders, plastic pockets, plastic wallets, portfolios, presentation folders, presentation ring binders, ring binders, slide binders, suspension files, document boxes and filing units.

Other items of office stationery that are highly useful in the workplace include filing cabinets, labels, legal and personnel forms, seals, markers and deed straps, last will and testament forms, legal ledgers, calendars, diaries, planners, wall planners, paper, pens, pencils, markers, ink, correction supplies and briefcases.