Obstacles Are Nothing More Than Illusions

An illusion is an erroneous perception of reality or an erroneous concept or belief. An optical illusion is an optical phenomenon that results in a false or deceptive visual impression. Optical illusions are a lot like what I call, “obstacle illusions.”

For example, when you look down railroad tracks, what do you see? The farther down the tracks you look, the closer the two tracks appear to become. Despite the fact they appear to touch at one point, we all know that in actuality, they do not.

Anyone who is not convinced of this can simply walk down those tracks for awhile and discover for themselves that those tracks do not become physically any closer to each other. It’s an optical illusion: a false or deceptive visual impression. It is something we see with our eyes that is really not true to fact.

Now, when I say “obstacle illusion,” I mean an obstacle that gives you an erroneous perception of reality. An obstacle is simply something that opposes, or stands in the way, or holds up progress. Far too many people allow obstacles to stop them completely.

Suppose you were on a trip from one city to another and came across some road construction that closed the road you intended to take. Does that obstacle mean that the trip is over? Do you just give up, turn around and go home? If you were to view that obstacle as ending your trip, I would call that an obstacle illusion.

Why? It’s because your entire trip doesn’t have to end just because of a road closure. You may have to take a detour and go a little out of your way. You may not get there as quickly as you anticipated. You may not get to see the scenery you had hoped to see along the way. However, the trip does not have to be over. You can still get to your destination.

When it comes to life there are many obstacle illusions that just stop people cold in their tracks. A little roadblock pops up and, so often, people quit; they abandon their dreams and desires.

There will always be obstacles that pop up, however, regardless of the obstacle, what is most important is how you choose to see it. If you see it for what it is, just an obstacle, something that is only standing in the way, something that is just holding up progress, then that’s fine. Ask for God’s help to figure out what your next step will be.

You can be so determined to succeed that no matter what obstacle comes up, you are not going to be stopped in your endeavors. If you instead quit and throw in the towel, well, you’ve succumbed to an obstacle illusion.

One night many years ago, one of Thomas Edison’s laboratories burned to the ground. The following morning, some of Mr. Edison’s associates came to tell him about the fire. They were distraught and felt helpless. They told him how terrible it was, how that many of their experiments were lost, and they just didn’t know what to do. His associates asked, “What should we do, Mr. Edison?”

Edison wanted to go take a look for himself.

It is reported that his laboratory at that time was worth over a million dollars, and he did not have insurance to cover the loss. After reviewing the damage, he turned to the men and said, “Let’s clear it away and build a new laboratory.”

Successful people don’t quit and throw in the towel. No matter what obstacle you are faced with, don’t focus on the obstacle, but instead look for the solution.

Stay focused and determined, and with God’s help, there is no obstacle illusion that can stop you.