Obesity in America

It is a fact that obesity in America is rising at an astronomical rate. When compared to obesity rates ten even fifteen years ago, it is clearly noticeable that a considerable percentage of America is getting fatter, and that’s the plain unvarnished truth.

There’s no getting away from this epidemic because that it what it is, an epidemic. And it one that people aren’t taking too much notice of. Sure, there are all the requisite obesity prevention and weight loss programs doing the rounds, as well as all the requisite TV programs, but none of these have really helped to stem the rising tide of obesity in America.

More and more children are not only obese but are bordering on the morbidly obese, and really what does this say for their quality of life? What happens when they reach adulthood, will they even be able to reach adulthood given that they are morbidly obese? These are not cruel slurs against obese people, but plain facts.

Someone needs to get up and admit that obesity in America truly is a problem, and something that is not going to go away because we ignore it. None of these facts and figures, none of the obesity programs or weight loss programs or obesity surgeries, are going to do one iota of good until we truly put them into action.

People shouldn’t only be made self aware of what obesity can do to them, in the long term as well as the short term, they should also receive a proper education as to what is right, as well as how they can go about correcting the problem. And most of all, they should receive emotional and mental support to help deal with the fact that they are obese.

Many obese people are aware of the fact that they are obese, and are also aware of what their obesity means to their quality of life. Most however, don’t have the innate strength needed to get out of this trap, and where that strength isn’t there, they also don’t have a proper support structure to turn to, in their time of need.

Obesity in America is no laughing matter, and it is something that needs to be taken more seriously than it is now. Remember that not the best will in the world can overcome their problems without the proper help and support structure in place.

Obesity help in all of its forms needs to be made freely available to everyone, not only for those who have the monetary ability to get it. We need help to stop rising rates of obesity in America, and we need to do it soon, or face the consequences.