Numerical knowledge of numerology

The science of numerology began thousands of years ago by Greek philosophers. Its concept is that all things in the universe can be linked to numbers. Names, addresses, birthdays, house numbers and more all have a deeper meaning and soul purpose. These numbers and their mathematical patterns correspond to vibrations within the universe helping us to determine the past, present and future within each of us.

By using a numerology chart, we can assign each letter a number. Follow the steps below to see how to determine your number and fortune.

Since the most ancient of times, astrology and numerology have helped people know about future events before they happen. In this article, Thomas H. Lindblom discusses the origins and influence of numerology, the science of Number.

We are all curious to know about the future. It’s built-in to our nature as human beings. What paths will our lives take? Will we ever be able to succeed? Will we find love and happiness? Where should we choose to maximise our potential, to make a secure life for ourselves and our families? These are issues that always concern the human mind. The deep underlying structure of the natural world and indeed of all human experience can be clarified and explained by an understanding of the numerical relations that underpin them. Numerology is the science of number and this study is the basis of much of what we understand in the world today.

This numerical knowledge is specifically formulated through the study of numerology and anyone who is interested in the inner nature of things would be well advised to study it, or at least to get their numerology explained to them by a skilled numerologist. Numerologists describe our lives in terms of:

– Expression, or destiny number (from the full Birth Name), which covers your life’s purpose, spiritual mission, and your field of opportunity.
– Soul urge, or heart’s desire, your inner likes and dislikes
– Dreams, the basis of your personality
– Life Path, the direction of your experience
– Challenges, the hurdles in life we must develop means of overcoming
– Pinnacles, describing the major stages of life
– Personal Year, showing how our lives will flow in the coming year
– Birthday, the vibration of the birthday
– Compatibility, showing how couples can relate through their numbers
– Divine Triangle, the spiritual map.
These are the key factors in numerology and help to explain our lives, loves and destinies through the power of number.