Now Is Your Time

Do you feel it? Do you have this sense that things are finally coming together for you and your business? Are you ready to see the fruit of your labor? Well, you are right! It is your harvest season.

You don’t want to let anything stand in the way of you harvesting your fruit. Obedience is key in bring forth God’s vision. It is time to take your obedience to new heights when you are in your harvest season. You must choose to be obedient in all aspects of your life. From the way you take care of your body (the vessel is as important as the vision) to the spouse you choose because every aspect of your life exists to fortify the vision. In other words, if you don’t respond to God’s call, you are limiting your blessings and there are consequences for disobedience in God’s Kingdom-work.

You have been blessed with free will and you have to make a decision and choose to be obedient to the vision, calling, and purpose for your life. If you choose not to obey, the fruit will dry up and you will not be able to bring it forth in the fullness for which it was designed. This is a hard pill to swallow because the secular world has told you that, “It’s never too late to follow your dream.” While this is true, disobedience to heeding God’s timing can result in your vision not coming to fruition.

There are some concepts and decisions you must make…I urge you, make them today as there are people waiting on you for the divine work that God has created you to fulfill. It is time to get in touch with your inner greatness. Your inner greatness is that feeling of being in touch with your innate ability to be successful and make things happen. It is also feeling the power of God cursing through your veins giving you constant instruction, inspiration and ideas to act on. If you cannot feel your greatness, spend some quiet time looking within and checking out what is in the way of you really getting how much you have to offer the world.

Once you get in touch with your greatness, give yourself permission to bring it forth. When I began this process of living God’s vision for my life full-time, I had to literally speak out loud to myself saying, “I now have full permission to express my greatness and free up others to do the same.” Don’t let anything or anyone stand in the way of your harvest.

If feeling and walking in your greatness is a challenge for you, take some time to think about who you have allowed to hang onto pieces of your power. Perhaps when your last relationship did not work out, you internalized that something must be wrong with you. May you had a business that did not work out and you made it mean that you are not a good business person. Maybe your parents were not supportive of your dreams and you began to believe their talk about you not having what it takes to make it in this world. Who from your past is walking around with pieces of your power and self-esteem? It’s time to take it back through prayer, speaking it forth and forgiveness.

The last thing you want to take a good look at is a subject that no one likes to discuss – sin. Sin stops your blessings. If your flesh is being tempted, you are prideful or envious, or you frequent places that tempt your eyes in any areas of your life, it is time to stop feeding your sin and move in the opposite direction. Sin can take so many forms in your life, take a good look and ask yourself, “Are there any areas of sin hanging out in the corners of your life?”

As you move to new levels of obedience, move with a sense of urgency, give yourself full permission to be great, and eradicate sin from your life, you will enjoy the full fruits of your labor. Not in the distant future, but by the end of this year your harvest will begin and multiply in a way that your world will never be the same.