Not All Canadian Small Business Financing Is Difficult – Check out the SBL Canada Government Loan Program For Financing Needs

For start up and small business in Canada (In our case today we mean sales under 5 Million dollars) there is one very obvious option to some of the most basic financing challenges, and its the Small Business ‘ SBL’ Canada government loan b

So what are some of those financing needs we referred to? Clients look to the program for purchasing a business, including franchises by the way, or simply the basic equipment and leasehold needs when they are constructing a building of office. We point out that almost all other types of financing in Canada often, if not always, discourage the financing of leaseholds so the ‘ SBL ‘ covers that problem off quite nicely.

A lot of business wants to stay on top (and boy is it hard) of technology, so the Canada Small Business Loan is a perfect way to acquire and finance both technology hardware and software.

And may we again note that it is often a challenge for firms to finance software, which is an intangible, so, you guessed it, the Canada government small business loan again steps up to the plate to take care of that challenge. The software that is financed under the program must be ‘ application’ software. Firms that develop their software and who are looking for financing assistance should consider filing a SR&ED claim to recoup a lot of those funds spent in this area. (By the way, the SRED claim is a non repayable grant, so other then the taxation aspect it’s the closest to free money we can think of!)

But we digress! so lets get back to how some of this financing is done. While clients are often aware that there are thousands of firms who receive Billions of dollars under the program what they are more concerned about are how this financing work does and what timeline is involved.

Let’s examine a couple key aspects of some of those basic financing needs. We’ll cover off some info about assets first. In the case of either purchasing an existing business or buying a used piece of equipment the SBL Canada government Small Business Loan requires a proper value of the asset. That is very easily covered off by obtaining an appraisal which comes at a relatively low cost. That appraisal becomes the financing value under the SBL small business loan. Mission accomplished!

By the way, when it comes down to actual numbers the Canada government loan program finances 90% of all eligible assets and leaseholds. The additional ten per cent is in effect your down payment or owner equity into the transaction.

Clients often are under the misapprehension that the program is difficult from a paperwork and timeline point of view. We take exception strongly to that because either on your own or with an SBL expert you can easily put together a basic documentation and business plan that meets all the criteria of the program. The reality is that this can all be done and submitted for approval in a manner of days. This is where working with an expert pays off because they are familiar with the small handful of technical aspects of making the application look good – which include a business plan and cash flow and ensuring certain cash flow and liquidity ratios work. It’s not as hard as you think.

So, is the SBL loan program difficult? It certainly is if you have no idea what you are doing and don’t know what can be financed or how to prepare a basic proposal. Consider perhaps utilizing the services of a trusted, credible and experienced Canadian business financing advisor who can assist you to take the word ‘ difficult’ out of the equation, and replace it with that other word… Easy!