Nostradamus The Oldest Known Psychic Reader

Born in France in December of 1503, Nostradamus is widely known as the “Prophet of Doom” because many of his visions dealt with death and destruction. Readers of his prophesies believe he predicted the reign of Adolph Hitler. They also attest that he predicted the French Revolution, the space shuttle Discovery disaster, and the great fire of London.

Nostradamus began writing a book about his predictions in 1554, this he decided to do because so many of his prophesies were correct. He wrote day and night, in an attempt to record everything. In 1555 the first part of his book entitled “Les Propheties” was finished. This book told of his prophesies dating from 1555 to the end of the earth. The book became popular in France and other areas of Europe. He passed on in 1556, without ever finishing the book.

Those who have studied the prophesies of Nostradamus believe that nearly half of his prophesies have already come to pass. He predicted the first antichrist to come into power would go by the name of Pau Nay Oloron. This is an anagram for Napaulon Roy (Roy is the French word for King). The second antichrist he identified as a man by the name of Hister, which those who follow his teachings believe was Adolph Hitler. Many believe the anagram for the third antichrist is Mabus and refers to Osama Bin Laden. This belief is based on the book and the phrase “Terror from the sky in 1999 and seven months. This is too close to the attack on the World Trade Center, to be denied.

The prophesies of Nostradamus have been studied by scholars for centuries and many of them remain a mystery. It could be, that although Nostradamus saw visions of things to come, he did not know how to convey the feelings and information in a way that others would be able to understand and work with.

Some think that each vision is a part of a bigger idea, and much like piecing together a puzzle they will need the correct pieces to solve it. Maybe there were other pieces of that puzzle that were not able to be told because he did not finish the book. Perhaps it is because of the blindness of world leaders to anything they cannot dominate, direct, or kill. The truth may be there and we are just not in the right frame of mind to receive it. The holy bible states “Ask and you will receive, Seek and you will find, Knock and it will be opened onto you.”

It would be most prudent if we were to look at the prophesies with an intent of changing some of the disturbing events. If not to obliterate them entirely (we may not be able to) to lessen the severity of what is to come. A prayer for guidance and understanding wouldn’t hurt when trying to solve the riddles Nostradamus has given in his predictions. attention paid to the dates or times given would be a good start, as many of his predictions mention a proximity as to when they will come to pass.