Norwalk Juicer – Another Famous Juicing Machine

The Norwalk Juicer is famous because of its maker, who was named Norman Walker. Mr. Walker was well known for studying eating habits and how nutrition affects our health.

To prove his theory, Mr. walker lived to a very old age, he put the things that he had learned into practice in his own life.

The Norwalk juicer is commonly known as a hydraulic juice press. It is given this name because it extracts the juices from produce by pressing and squeezing.

There is also a grinder or cutter part to this juicer. This is useful for some types of produce, such as hard fruits and vegetables or nuts. The grinder helps to rip and cut at the produce, before putting it in the linen bags of the press to extract the juice from the pulp.

The Norwalk press juicers are well known for their ability to produce a lot of quality juice without the presence of pulp. Pulp is considered to be harder for the body to digest than the juice.

It is estimated that pulp-less juices take around 10 minutes to digest into the body. Juices allow the body the opportunity to take a break from the hard work needed to digest solid foods.

Cleaning of the Norwalk press juicer is easy, as the stainless steel parts are dishwasher safe, although the linen bags do take longer than most other juicer parts to clean.

Considering that this juicer can make larger batches of juice and the gentle pressing motion allows the juice to be kept in the fridge for longer periods of time without losing nutritional value and taste. What this means is that time will be saved in the juicing process, as juicing wonÂ’t be required every day.

The Norwalk machine will also juice wheat grasses, although it is recommended that if juicing wheat grass, other produce should be added to avoid the heat generated from the process. The Norwalk will also grind seeds and nuts with ease.

The Gerson institute recommends the Norwalk juicer and, at the top end of the market, it delivers excellent results. It is one of the best nutritional juicers around.