Northern Cyprus Universities for Foreign Students

Whether you are looking to spend one semester abroad, or you want to receive a complete education in a country other than yours, it would be hard to find a better place to attend university than North Cyprus.

First inhabited around 8,500-8,000 B.C., North Cyprus is an enchanting Mediterranean island located 40 miles from Turkey, 60 miles from Syria, and 250 miles from Egypt. At nearly 100 miles long and 40 miles across the widest section, North Cyprus is the third largest island in the Mediterranean.

Although Turkish is the official language of North Cyprus, English, French and German is widely spoken and welcomed by the local inhabitants. Students will have no problem communicating with their professors and fellow students in this cosmopolitan country.

Here is a summary of the five major universities in North Cyprus. Each one is fully accredited and supervised by the Ministry of Education.

• Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU)
This is the oldest university in North Cyprus. EMU typically attracts over 15,000 students per year from around the world. The campus is located in the town of Famagusta where there are plenty of resources and night life to keep any student happy.

• Near East University (NEU)
Located in the North Cyprus capital city of Nicosia, NEU is also a foreign student magnet. The university is known for having made an unusual investment in quality of life and recreational amenities for the student body.

• Cyprus International University (CIU)
As the name indicates, CIU welcomes foreign students. It is proud to be known as the newest university in North Cyprus and it has formal working relationships with many of the world’s finest universities to facilitate student exchange programs and international off-campus learning programs. CIU is located between the towns of Famagusta and Nicosia.

• Girne American University (GAU)
Definitely a university for American students to consider, GAU is widely known for its challenging and modern curriculum. It is located in Girne which is one of the most interesting and fun places to be in North Cyprus.

• Lefke European University (LEU)
Established in 1990, LEU is also a relatively new North Cyprus university. LEU has developed an innovative educational model which has been attracting international students who are seeking a well-grounded but somewhat more exciting educational experience. LEU is located in the town of Lefke.

Visit each of these North Cyprus university web sites for complete details.

North Cyprus University Student Accommodations

North Cyprus is less expensive for university students than many countries and this is definitely reflected in the housing prices. All of the North Cyprus university campuses have dormitory rooms available which are available in one, two, three or four-person configurations.

Typical dormitory furnishings include beds, desks, chairs, bathroom and shower facilities as well as amenities like refrigerators, air conditioning and central heating. You can usually expect to find that electricity, water and housekeeping services are included in the annual rent. Rents typically range between 1,200 and 2,000 Euros per year. This works out to be about the same in U.S. dollars depending upon the exchange rate at the time.

Living off-campus is possible as well and there are many local property owners who specialize in letting flats and houses to North Cyprus university students. Sometimes living in the actual community can be an education in itself and it is definitely recommended for the more adventurous students.

Student Permit Requirements

Students who have been accepted to their desired North Cyprus university should contact the International Student Affairs department for information about securing a student permit. Permits are issued for one academic year at time, running from September through September of the following year, and must be renewed annually.

Off-Campus Student Activities

North Cyprus is a very popular international tourist destination, so you can imagine that there is no shortage of nightlife and things to do on weekends and school holidays.

No matter what you want to do, including sightseeing, sailing, snorkeling or scuba diving, swimming, tennis, golf, or just laying on the beach, you’ll find it somewhere in North Cyprus.

There’s an active and exciting nightlife available with clubs, movie theaters and more waiting to keep you occupied. Safety is not a big issue in North Cyprus because the government values the contributions to the economy that tourists and international students make, so crime is kept under tight control.

Don’t miss the opportunity to shop at the stores and bazaars of North Cyprus. Remember, the citizens share a common heritage with the age-old merchants of Turkey where haggling for the best price is a historical tradition!

So, if you’re looking for a top-quality international education, combined with a varied and interesting lifestyle in beautiful Mediterranean island environment, you need to attend university in North Cyprus.