Norbert Orlewicz Of MLM Lead System Pro Reveals All Of His Secrets

Recently, I had the pleasure of doing a live interview with Norbert Orlewicz, where he answered some of the fundamental questions people ask him about his breakthrough experience online. I wanted to take a minute and report on my experience, for the benefit of anyone who reads this article. So I’m going to give you the four most important thoughts from his interview that helped in his personal financial transformation in the MLM profession.

The first thing that Mr. Orlewicz shared with me was how important it is to understand where your major gift and strength lies in business when you start marketing to build your MLM empire. In other language, where does your real personal power come from in all the success you’ve had in the past? Norbert shared the fact that his personal strength lies in online marketing skills, and that before he tried marketing his business using his talents, he struggled for more than five years from trying to implement traditional methods. Understand, however, that you may not be involved currently in a team that is building with methods that will be effective with your personality, and that may be the major source of much of your frustration. Just remember that it’s important to use your talents and skills, and not rely on the success of another person.

The next thing that Norbert really talked a lot about in our conversation is how important it is to be focused on only one thing at a time when you’re engaging in your marketing efforts. He shared the idea that most people try too many strategies at once when they’re marketing online, and it makes them extremely frustrated as a result. Norbert, as an example DOES do lots of different marketing strategies personally, however he didn’t do that until he had the financial resources to outsource it to others. However, when he started, he just did PPC and Myspace strategies. (Of course, nowadays Norbert talks about how Facebook is more effective than Myspace to market your business today.)

The last thing that Norbert Orlewicz shared in his interview is that it’s really important to be consistent in your marketing from day one, or you are going to be frustrated long term. Too often, people quit the awesome industry of MLM right before they have the breakthrough that they’ve been looking for. It’s almost unbelievable, but some of the most incredibly talented people that I’ve ever met never prosper at anything just because they are flaky people. They quit everything before they ever take the time and effort required to break through.

Today, Norbert spoke about how you just never now when your time will come to have your first major success, so stick with it. He talked about how 2 years ago, he didn’t know if he would ever be successful, and he barely had any money to his name. When his breakthrough finally came, success came in a plentiful amount and it came FAST. In one month, he went from no profitability to more than twenty five grand! He shared that the reason that he had his first major success was because he was willing to fight through the failure to find his success. It’s my hope that this information will aid you in becoming yet another breakthrough prosperity story in the MLM profession.