Non-Surgical Liposuction

Liposuction is an invasive surgery to the extent that small tubes are inserted into your body to remove fatty material. Non-surgical liposuction exists as well, but it is not as effective.

Non-Surgical Liposuction

If you have tried diets, exercise, creams, spa wraps and more, and you still don’t have the body you want, you might feel you are a candidate for liposuction. Liposuction is one of the worlds most performed cosmetic surgery procedures and many people choose to have it done to get rid of their problem fat areas. Unfortunately, going under the knife for liposuction does have its risks, so some who would like the liposuction results are looking for a way to get non-surgical liposuction.

There are a few types of non-surgical liposuction available on the market today. What constitutes non-surgical liposuction differs depending on who is describing it. Some people feel that the cellulite creams and exercise plans targeted on certain areas are non-surgical liposuction, but these are not always effective or long-lasting.

One type of liposuction without cutting that does seem to work is ultrasound liposuction. Doctors use an ultrasound machine equipped with paddles that they pass over the areas of fat that you wish to remove. The ultrasonic waves break apart the fat cells, where they are then reabsorbed into the bloodstream over the matter of a few weeks. This method is said to remove up to a quarter of an inch of fat from the treated area. More importantly, you can return for treatment every three weeks or so. With no invasive cutting or suctioning, it is also said to be much less dangerous and have fewer side effects than traditional liposuction.

Another type of non-surgical liposuction available is collagenase injection. This enzyme, which can destroy the fatty tissue collagen, has been proven to work to get rid of unwanted fat cells when injected into a fatty area. Your body just reabsorbs the broken down cells and gets rid of them. This drug is still being tested by the FDA, as it is unknown whether the enzyme could destroy wanted tissue as well as removing unwanted fat.

A final look at non-surgical liposuction comes up with infusion lipolysis. This procedure, which is only performed in a few clinics throughout the US, promises to reduce the size of your fat cells by use of an injected solution. The clinics state that the injections into fatty areas promote the re-absorption of fat cells, and result in your target area looking smaller. This is not a popular procedure at the moment, but may become more so in the future as more is learned.

If you feel the need for liposuction but aren’t keen on having surgery, take a look at some of the non-surgical liposuction alternatives. Trying one (or a few) of the many alternatives may give you just the result you are looking for, all with less pain and money than traditional liposuction.