Non Profit Venture Capital

Making a Difference with Non-Profit Venture Capital

Most of us don’t really care much about making a difference. Most of us didn’t even care about pollution and global warming until gas prices soared, forcing people to swap their SUVs to hybrid vehicles. Money makes the world go round they say, and even simple dreams get tainted by commercialism.

Artists don’t just play music but also convince their fans to buy overpriced merchandise just because it has the name of their idol printed on it. Fortunately it has become more and more obvious to the people that there are others who barely manage to get by. Non-profit organizations also seek venture capital to help others.

Most of these are non-profit organizations who aim to help and make a difference in their community. Nowadays fraudulent schemes abound. This is one of the reasons why venture capitalists don’t invest their money in these type organizations, besides the fact that they won’t earn anything in return.

Non profit organizations for the benefit of other people

Non profit organizations do exist to help other start up businesses. A non profit organization called Alliance of Angels provides funds for new businesses. It an organization composed of Angel investors. There are also other non profit organizations that exist like them. Unfortunately, like Alliance of Angels, screening can be strict and very competitive.

They also create non profit businesses that are involved in a movement called a social enterprise. These social enterprises, such as Goodwill Industries and Salvation Army, provide job opportunities for disadvantaged individuals. This includes individuals with mental and physical disabilities, don’t have any work experience and lack education. Other non profit businesses also hire low income high school students and drug abusers.

The latest development today is that non profit businesses don’t just provide job opportunities. Organization such as Food from the Hood, Pueblo Nuevo Development and Chrysalis are an example of this. They create programs that train and develop a disadvantaged individual’s skill to be able to find a regular job with a living wage. These businesses are able to sustain themselves, which in turn enable them expand and help more people.

Others provide capital for businesses that are focused on making a difference. The Social Venture Capital Organization provides seed capital and grants to businesses that have ideas valuable to their community.

They are looking for businesses that are geared towards addressing key social concerns such as poverty, hunger, malnutrition, hate crimes and crime prevention. They provide counseling and management support for non profit businesses to be able to turn their ideas to reality.

In this money driven world it is a relief that organizations like these exist that is willing to make a difference in their community. Organizations like these encourage non profit businesses to start and grow.

There are also firms that encourage profit oriented businesses that bring make an impact in their community. The downside is they may encourage economic development in their community but not to the benefit of the people who live in it that also need help.

If you have non profit business seeking venture capital funds you can approach this type of organization. Although they may not be as many as traditional private equity firms they still do exist. This time they are willing to invest in a company not out of pure gain.