No Smoking Sign

As we all know there are many dangers which can be found with smoking. These dangers are present for the smoker and the passive smoker alike. You will have to understand that while many people don’t like the smell of cigarette smoking they have a tough time letting their wishes be known.

This is in part to the look which people have gotten when they see the various advertisements for smoking. To help non smokers have their rights to a smoke free environment you can see many examples of no smoking signs placed in different locations. Among these locations is that of hospitals, airlines, restaurants and even places of business.

The no smoking sign which can be displayed prominently is a polite and yet effective way of letting people know that smoking in a certain area. When you see these different signs you can be sure that while some will have words addressing the matter others will merely point this situation out in picture format.

In general the picture format will be that of a cigarette with a slash running through the cigarette. When you look at the way that a no smoking sign is designed you will notice that it designed to catch the eyes. The colors are striking and the words or placement is bold.

The usual colors for a no smoking sign are red and black. While the shape of these signs can be found as a circle there are times when you will see that these no smoking signs come in triangular form.

There is one fact that you will come to realize when you are searching for a no smoking sign. This fact is simply the different styles of signs that you can choose from. There are desktop signs that can be placed where you want people to see that you are not a fan of smoking. You will also be able to buy a no smoking sign clock. With this clock not only can you tell the time but you will also be able to see that smoking is not appreciated in that area.

Besides this type of no smoking sign you will find ones that can be stuck on doors and windows. These signs can be stuck on the outside of car windows even, but if your passengers fail to see these signs you can then give them a cigarette lighter plug. This plug will clearly show the no smoking sign on the front cover of the plug.

These many different signs that you can choose from will send the no smoking message that you want. And with the different ways of displaying these signs you can be sure that your no smoking sign will be seen and understood.