No Other Way: Only Good Can Come From This

What would be different if you knew that your life at this moment is perfect? That your power is in the present, your power is now?

NOW is a beautiful acronym for “No Other Way,” a poem of the same name written years ago by New Thought writer Martha Smock.

Your life and what you are experiencing now could be no other way. All of your previous moments of thoughts, beliefs, emotions, behaviors and actions brought you to the present.

That these things create your experience – your reality – is spiritual law that never fails. Quantum physics gives us the evidence.

The good news in this is that we are creators in the now and we can choose the experience we want to create.

Your beliefs, thoughts and emotions of today guide your behavior and actions. All of these create your experience and reality of tomorrow. You are creating your future by the way you are choosing to think and be right now.

This is one of those “wake up” pieces of information, isn’t it? It makes idle thoughts and moods much more significant. Every moment is precious and impacts what happens next. The most powerful practice we can have is choosing our thoughts in the moment.

The Divine is always conspiring for our good. It is we who choose to accept and move with the Divine, or not. This is done either consciously or unconsciously with our thoughts and beliefs.

A powerful thought to practice is acknowledgment that your now is good, no matter what it is. A beautiful affirmation for this comes from Louise Hay – “Only good can come from this.” She has been saying this for years.

Louise was saying this after she moved to California and had no clients. She frequently enjoyed herself on the shore, “knowing” that soon this time would be filled with clients. She knew and affirmed that “only good can come from this.”

The rest is history. Her current empire is a force for universal good and has changed the lives of thousands if not millions of people.

It is a common habit to put off our good to the future. “When this happens,” you think, “then I will be happy.” This can be “when I make my fortune,” “when I am in a relationship,” “when I lose 30 pounds,” “when the economic crisis turns around,” “when…”

Your future is now. Get to the happy part now and you will save days, months and years of your life. Remember that whatever you are experiencing right now, “Only good can come from this,” especially if you say so.

Step Into Your Greatness NOW!
Make it your practice to remember,
“Only good can come from this.”