No One Can Block Your Success…But You Can

“You must get out of your own way,” said one very wise woman. And as Wallace D. Wattles says in the The Science of Getting Rich:

“Talented people get rich, and blockheads get rich; intellectually brilliant people get rich, and very stupid people get rich; physically strong people get rich, and weak and sickly people get rich.”

If you are not living in the Divine Flow of Wealth and Success, who can you truly blame? There is no environment that can prevent your success; the only thing that can prevent your success is getting in your own way.

So how does one get in his or her own way? Our inability to concentrate on our true desires is what causes us to get in our own way. Many of us live by and with illusions about lack and scarcity which prevent us from attaining our true hearts desires. Instead, we hamper our own advances and put stumbling blocks in our own way because of fear and complacency.

The truth is fear will cause us to stop in our tracks. Because we live in a moving universe, we must move. If we refuse to move forward, then we have no other option than to move backwards.

Take a look at any advancement a person refuses to make in his or her life. If a person refuses to advance his or her career by leaving a dead-end job, then instead of moving forward, that person may be fired or forced into early retirement. When speaking with such individuals, they usually say: “I should have left sooner.” And with this regret is a long list of opportunities they allowed to pass them by.

Another example of refusing to advance could be a person who refuses to eat more healthful foods. Consequently, this individual’s health may start to deteriorate, physically and mentally. When stricken with a degenerative disease, the individual usually says: “I wish I’d starting eating healthier sooner.”

Often times in life, we want to blame our failures on lack of information or resources; however, in most cases our failures are related to complacency and fear—“getting in our own way.” If we can develop the courage and wisdom to embody knowledge when it is available to us and to advance in the face of fear, then we will have more successes than failures. And this is the stuff that makes successful people.

Successful people are not born. One is successful not because he or she has no failures; one is successful because he or she has more successes than failures. Moving forward and choosing to advance in every aspect of our lives is success. Does it mean that one would not be scared or afraid? Certainly not!

In fact courage is doing a thing in spite of one’s fear. If there is no fear, there is no courage. And in time, with more successes, there will be less to fear. With less to fear, one learns to live a fearless life. As such, a fearless life is the crown of every successful person.