NLP – The 4 Steps to Change Anything In Your Life

Do you want to change? Do you have problems in your life? Would you like to change some traits of your personality that you don’t like? For all these questions, I answer that change is possible. Change denotes the time period or transition that occurs between one state to another. This period of transition can be very short or very long depending of the nature of the change.

NLP gave us tools and resources we will use to change effectively. Follow the next 4 steps to change anything you want in life.

1. Believe that your can change. Tony Robbins, like a lot of other NLP experts, said: beliefs shape your destiny. Indeed, what you believe will dictate the way you think, the way you feel and the way you act. In this way, beliefs act like a huge magnet that will attract everything around you that is in accordance with your dominant thoughts or beliefs. If you don’t think that you can change; if you believe that “It’s just the way I am”, your first step would be to find how you can change that belief. Because who told you that? Where did you learn that you can’t change? Will this belief help you in any way in the future? Imagine you’re at your funeral and look back and see all the opportunities you missed because of a simple limiting belief “I can’t change”, how would you feel?

2. Decide to change today. Don’t procrastinate. Decide. Decision can be hard, especially if you know that if you change, you won’t be the same person anymore. Does that thought scare you? What if you become a better person? What if you start realizing your full potential? Would that be awful? Decide today and say “Yes, I will find a way.”

3. Research how to change. Research how to go from point A to point B. Go to the Internet and do some research. Searching for answers is easy if you focus on what you’re searching for. You will always find if you search; because finding is reserved for those who search. It’s not reserved for lazy people. “Search and it will be given unto you” says the ancient scripture. Do you believe that?

4. Act and change. Once you have found how to go from point A to point B, it’s time to walk the path of change. Like any path, you may have challenges. But you exactly know what you want. Go for it and avoid the problem you want to change. Be proactive or follow the path of someone who already did it. Action is inevitable. Action is mandatory. Do you believe that?

NLP has offered a lot of ways to handle change effectively. NLP, hypnosis and neuro-semantics has modeled different ways to change limiting thinking and limiting beliefs. You can change by first believing you can change, deciding you will change, researching how to change and doing something to change. You will succeed because you deserve it.