NLP Techniques For Anxiety: 3 Amazing Ways To Manage Anxiety Using NLP

Having the power of NLP (short for Neuro-linguistic Programming) can come quite in handy, especially on days when you feel anxious or burdened. To address this particular situation, you can turn to NLP techniques for anxiety for guidance.

Who hasn’t felt overwhelmed at some point in their life? Everyone – from the most successful CEO to the simple fast food worker – has gone through anxious or tensed experiences. However, that doesn’t mean you just have to stand there and admit defeat.

With these NLP techniques for anxiety, you’ll be more than prepared to take on whatever life hurls at you.

NLP Technique For Anxiety # 1: Talk Yourself Through It.

Are you familiar with meditation tapes? No matter what kind you listen to, they are more or less the same with the way they guide you through each session. Notice how the narrator always seems to start with, “As you…”

Borrow this little phrase from your meditation tape and use it to calm yourself down. Take on the role of the narrator and instruct your mind and your body to follow your command. Tell yourself “As you inhale and exhale, you will find peace and quiet in your mind and in your body.” Do this verbally or mentally and you will soon find yourself listening to your own words.

NLP Technique For Anxiety # 2: Create a Positive Self-Image.

This often involves some sort of re-association. One way to do this is by asking yourself what kind of person would suffer from anxiety in a situation like the one before you.

Next, visualize a more positive image of yourself and switch that image with your old self. This technique helps to abate the anxiety you’re feeling inside.

For example, you have to dance before a big crowd and you can’t help but feel bouts of anxiety creeping in and out of your chest. Obviously, you think of yourself as someone with low self-confidence and someone who might make mistakes.

NLP techniques for anxiety compel you to change that image with that of a person who is not only confident, but also someone who dances like a world-class performer. By doing away with your old self-image, you are also doing away with your anxiety.

NLP Technique For Anxiety # 3: Look To The Future.

Another technique advises you to transport yourself to a minute or two after the situation that causes you anxiety.

Isn’t it funny how many butterflies you have in your stomach just before you have to make a speech, and how none is left after you’ve gone through with it? You must admit that you feel relieved and, at the same time, silly for being so nervous in the first place.

Doing this technique gives you a better perspective of your feelings and helps you erase that fear gnawing at the back of your head.

NLP techniques for anxiety aren’t just a one-hit wonder. They have proven themselves useful in many different situations. Just remember that you can control your emotions.