NLP Pacing And Leading Techniques Anyone Can Easily Do

NLP pacing and leading is a strategy often used to take control of situations. It’s quite revolutionary actually. When used correctly, you’ll be able to diffuse arguments, win over people and generally avoid trouble.

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NLP Pacing and Leading Technique # 1: Mirroring To Build Rapport

This is very simple and easy. All you have to do is mirror a person subtly whether through gestures or speech patterns.

Once you have established some sort of rapport with the person, then that is the time when you can take control of the situation and turn it around as you see fit. You’ll see how quickly that other person will follow your lead.

For example, if the person you’re talking to likes to start a conversation by putting both hands on the table, you might want to copy that gesture as well (but do it very subtly). If that person speaks in soft tones, soften your voice as well!

NLP Pacing and Leading Technique # 2: Stating Facts And Then Taking Over

This involves you stating something true about the person you’re talking to – or the situation you’re dealing with – and getting said person to agree with you before swooping in to take control.

For example, if you want to convince somebody to donate to charity, tell that person something factual like, “You’re here in this restaurant, listening to me talk about charity…” and then implanting new thoughts into that person by adding, “and perhaps you’re wondering why you should donate to this cause…” Insert what you will after that phrase and I’m sure you can take it from here.

Everyday Usage Of NLP Pacing And Leading

See how easy these techniques are? You can virtually use them on anyone and for any situation! For everyday practice, why don’t you test them out on someone whose behavior you want to change?

For example, if your brother has a tendency to talk too quickly, you can easily use the first technique to control his speech speed. When he talks to you, answer him back in the same speed. Do this for three times before eventually slowing your speech down. In turn, your brother will follow your lead!

NLP pacing and leading can be very easily enacted. Anyone can do it! Now that you know how to deal with situations accordingly, I trust that you’ll use this knowledge positively. Use it to improve your persuasion skills and help others as well!