NLP: 3 Reasons Why NLP is Effective For Helping People Change and Succeed

NLP stands for neuro-linguistic programming. It is an approach to psychotherapy and a model of change based on the subjective study of language, communication and change. NLP practitioners had a lot of success helping people. Here are 3 reasons why NLP is very effective in helping people change, grow and succeed

1. NLP is solution oriented. One of the NLP fundamentals says that we need to look for what the client wants first. A NLP practitioner will ask the following questions very early in the discussion “What is your objective? What do you want?” Instead of researching the past to find the possible cause of such and such problem, we determine an objective and find or create the resources that the client needs to step away from the problem and go towards the solution. The clients create their own objectives and the NLP practitioner guides them through the steps toward the solution. Simply put, a NLP practitioner will help the client find his own solution with the resources he already has in him or herself.

2. NLP is brief therapy. No need to lie down on a sofa for 20 years. NLP stands on the shoulders of giants like Freud, Perls, Erickson, etcÂ… find the best practices, the best strategies and helps clients create their own success and help them realize that they already have all the resources they need to change. They just need a guide. That’s what NLP is all about. A NLP practitioner doesn’t have the solution to the problem but he knows how to help you find the solution that is already in you.

3. NLP is not based on theory. NLP came from modeling exceptional people and exceptional psychotherapists. The founders of NLP, Richard Bandler and John Grinder, observed and tried to replicate the work of Milton Erickson (hypnotherapist), Virginia Satir (family therapist), and Fritz Perls (gestalt therapist). They were interested in what were the key strategies that made these therapists successful. Then Bandler and Grinder created models that we could replicate to have the same kind of success they had. In other words, we already know that when we apply the same models or patterns to a client, it is actually going to work and the person is actually going to be healed. To give a concrete example, lots of scientists criticized the NLP phobia cure or NLP allergy process because of no scientist evidence that it will work. Nevertheless, the NLP phobia cure technique can help a client get rid of a phobia 100% of the time if correctly done and the allergy process helps a client get rid of an allergy and it works 85% of the time.

NLP is solution oriented, fast and not based on theory. NLP practitioners have a lot of success helping clients with communication, phobias, traumas or general health issues. But NLP is more than curing a phobia. NLP is about helping someone evolve and become congruent and aligned in all areas of your life.