Nintendo Wii Problems

No freshly released video game system is without its problems at launch, and while the Nintendo Wii is no exception the problems Wii owners may face are a bit different than the normal console malfunctions. Because the Wii has such and involved control system, the biggest problem the Wii faced and launch, and still faces, is damage to property and fingers causes by overzealous players swinging the remote wildly. There was also a big to-do about the wrist strap and Nintendo even went so far as to recall the wrist straps originally released with the system and replaced them with stronger models. Aside form physical damage a few consoles did experience technical malfunctions when connecting to the internet.

Unless you live under a rock you have probably heard about the wrist strap recall Nintendo issues soon after the release of the Wii. It turned out that even after extensive testing in Nintendo land, overzealous fans still managed to swing the remote hard enough to break the strap. While Nintendo didn’t initially think the straps would break, being a company that values it’s customers and upholds a high level of customer service, they quickly issues a recall and replaced not straps that had broken but offered to replace all the straps that were originally released and started manufacturing stronger straps with subsequent Wiis.

The biggest issue with strap breakage was the potential for property and bodily damage. Plenty of videos surfaced soon after the Wii’s release of broken TV’s, lamps, windows, and such all having been damaged by a flying Wii remote. Videos also circulated of injuries to hands and fingers after players bashed them against walls, doorways, and into lamps and other glass objects. The Wii remains wildly popular even after players began hurting themselves; hopefully people have learned not to break stuff but even if they continue to lacerate their fingers the Wii’s popularity will probably not decline.

Both video game systems that were released in competition with the Wii were fought with technical issues at release and customer service for these companies was often reported as less than satisfactory. Nintendo has always been a company dedicated to quality and customer service and these ideals were reflected in the lack of problems with their new console. The Wii consoles have the least amount of problems compared to their competition and what few problems players do encounter are solved quickly. The most common problem of the Wii console are connection issues with WiiConnect24, but players experiencing this problem can easily get a replacement console from Nintendo.

The Wii is the most popular game console for a reason, it appeals to people of all ages with its unique controller, it is ease to use, and most players experience few, if any, problems with the system. Although many people did break wrist straps, property, and injure themselves, the majority of Wii owners have not had and issues. Nintendo has always been a company dedicated to quality and has once again proved their commitment with the Nintendo Wii.