Nine Marching Orders To Stay The Line

Burning with motivation is not always easy no matter what you are trying to accomplish. For those that are trying to get fit, motivation can even be harder. Whatever it is that you are trying to get fired up to do; there are a specific tactics that can help. You can stay motivated to accomplish almost any goal.

Visualize and see Your Goals in 3D:
When you crystallize your goals and imagine what the end results will be, you are more likely to stay motivated. You may feel more motivated by a picture of what you are working towards or need a daily visual reminder of that dream vacation you are saving money for. By keeping a visual picture in your mind and imagining yourself at your end result, you can stay inflamed to accomplish any goal.

Reward Yourself Handsomely:
Keeping pumped up can be easier if you take the time to treat yourself when you reach small milestones along the way. If you are trying a new fitness plan, try to reward yourself with a new pair of gym shoes or maybe new workout equipment. Knowing that there is something good along the way to your goal will help keep you excited about achieving your goals and you will find second wind.

See an Energizing Movie or Listen to Motivating Music:
I do this all the time. You can get all keyed up to reach your goals by watching a motivating movie (war or boxing films do great) or listening to music that will get you pumped about your goals. Look for movies that will help you see others work hard to reach their own goals. You will come out of the movie feeling ready to get busy and accomplish your goals. Music can also help you stay motivated. If you want to walk more, invest in a good MP3 system and listen to upbeat music to keep you moving. An associate, Ricardo Laudico, keeps stashes of motivational music in a 40Gb Ipod to keep focused. Not surprisingly, he’s hit many short term goals in less than a year.

Set Bit-Sized Goals and take a Breather:
Whether you are working towards saving for a new house or going vegan to lose a few pounds, set manageable goals for yourself and take a break every once in awhile. By deploying small goals, you will not feel too overwhelmed at one time. You can work on each step that will equal to big results in the end. Also, if you do get overwhelmed, take a break. Achieving your goals will not happen overnight. If you feel frustrated, take a day off and rethink your plans. Richard Bandler, founder of NLP postulates the question: “How do you eat an Elephant?” The correct answer always is: “A Bite at a Time”

Seek a Wingman and do it for yourself:
You can achieve anything with staunch conviction. If you work on a goal because you believe you can do it, it will be easy for you to stay motivated. While working on your goals, if you do need an extra push, find a partner who can keep you on track. You may have a buddy who wants to lose weight or get in shape, too. Work with that person to motivate each other when your own motivation starts to slump.

Prove them Wrong. With Flair:
Each is motivated for different reasons, but one way to stay inflamed is to remember all the times someone told you that you couldn’t do it. Prove the negative people around you wrong and accomplish your goals to show them you can. While you should never try to live your life for the approval of others, your internal passion may improve when you try to impress others. Feel good about what you can do, and others will sit up and take notice.

See It as Fun that You want to do:
You may desire to achieve a goal that you find very difficult. It may help to stay motivated by finding something fun about what you are doing. Achieve your goals because you want to do it and not because others want you to. When you find intrinsic motivation, it will be easier to stay the course.

Seek Mentors and Help the Untalented:
Chat with others who labored to accomplish the goals you are working towards. Listen to what they have to say and consider their suggestions. For people who have already been there, they can offer valuable advice and this should help you stay motivated. It would also be good to aid others while you are accomplishing your goals. If you know someone else is depending on you, it will be easier for you to keep up the good fight.

Revitalize your Routine:
Boredom kills. The rut sucks the spirit. I know. I’m an entrepreneur… and as things go, businessmen do the same thing day in day out. As activities become mechanical, the flames for achievement go out. Stop that! Vary your lifestyle and do things differently. Your brain will enjoy the stimulation… and with it, returns your motivation.