Nine Anti-aging Tips to Stay Younger Longer

Can’t figure out where to start to improve the quality of your lifestyle? Here are some simple things to help get started. If you can follow the suggestions for a month, you will be well on your way to reducing belly fat AND establishing an anti-aging lifestyle.. It’s not difficult – if you really want to do it. Remember, these are baby steps, but you have to start some place.

1. Check your fridge. If you use butter, you can use less by diluting it half-and-half with olive oil. Let a bar of butter soften to room temperature. Beat it smooth and gradually beat in an equal amount of olive oil. It will be runny but will set up to a soft spread in the fridge.

2. Rethink the mayo. If you can’t live without it, make your own with olive oil. Then you will really have something worthwhile to spread on bread or to make a salad.

3. If you eat peanut butter, buy Smart Balance peanut butter for it’s omega- 3 content. If you are not taking an omega-3 supplement, you should.

4. Keep a gallon bottle of water on the kitchen counter or at work. Drink at least half of it every day. Having it in plain sight will help you drink more of it.

5. Check your pantry. Don’t restock chips, cookies, soda, toaster pastries, sugary breakfast “cereals” (a misnomer if ever there was one!) It’s just as quick and easy to scramble a couple of eggs for breakfast as it is to wait for a pastry to toast. I know how tough it is to get rid of the nutritionally bankrupt junk, so do it in small steps if you can’t do it cold turkey.

6. Substitute whole grain bread for white bread. Beware of “wheat” bread – it’s probably not whole wheat. If possible, go to a whole foods market and get some real whole wheat bread. In my area, I can buy incredibly good whole grain bread from Alvarado Street Bakery. You can buy it online, and if you do, put it in the freezer the minute it arrives. Because it’s “live” and preservative free, it will get moldy very quickly if you leave it out. I particularly enjoy the Alvarado sprouted whole grain bread.

7. Having a whole foods market nearby makes it easy to cut down on processed food. If you make a trip a couple of times a week you can get all the super-fresh veggies and fruit you will need to provide a healthier diet for your family. For protein, focus on chicken – preferably baked or roasted. I use a lot of ground turkey – you can prepare it so many ways. If you work and are pressed for time, many whole foods markets offer excellent take out.

You will notice I did not mention fish. I rarely buy fish because it’s so difficult to get good fish. If I can’t get wild salmon or other fish that hasn’t been farm raised, I don’t bother. I would never eat shrimp because it causes too many intestinal problems. There is another way to get the benefits of eating fish – in fish oil capsules. True, you run the risk of contamination there as well. But I think I’d rather opt for the capsules than supermarket fish that looks like it’s seen better days, and probably has.

8. Skip fried anything as much as possible. And you certainly won’t need your deep fat fryer anymore, so throw it away. (Well okay, give it away. But you won’t be doing anyone a favor.)

9. If you are an emotional eater, eat unbuttered popcorn or dry roasted nuts, such as almonds or cashews. You can flavor popcorn with garlic salt or any seasoning of your choice. Or try spritzing on garlic flavored olive oil. Drink green tea to wash it down. Most commercial green teas are bitter or tasteless but I have found some very tasty teas at Clipper teas.

This should be more than enough to help you start to live a healthier, anti-aging lifestyle. Start with at least one step and add others as you develop a system.