Nightlife in the Deer Valley Area

Contrary to what you might have heard about Deer Valley, there is an active nightlife. In fact, the Deer Valley area has more alcoholic beverage businesses per capita than any other place in Utah. If you are going to drink here you should know a couple things about Utah’s liquor laws. A number of businesses that serve alcohol are considered �private clubs.� Guests can buy an cheap membership that’s good for three weeks. This will allow entrance and consumption of alcohol during that time period. So there are a lot of places where you can get a good drink, listen to live entertainment, and dance; if that’s part of your vacation plan.

For the greatest assortment of clubs and pubs, head to Park City�s historic district. If you wish to enjoy live-entertainment visit the Spur Bar and Grill on Main Street. Smoking is prohibited in this establishment. Even though it is cowboy themed, it is very comfortable rather than rustic. Spur�s sister location is at 350 S. Main. Their Jupiter Cosmopolitan was chosen, in 2005, to be Park City’s signature drink. Another place offering music (jazz, funk, or acoustic) is Mother Urban�s Ratskeller. It’s well-known for locally produced burritos and a huge selection of bottled beers.

While the 2002 Olympics were in Salt Lake celebrities gathered at Harry O�s. This hip dance club requires “club dress” and has live bands or a DJ. Lines are to be expected. Also expect a heftier membership fee at this popular hangout. Another place to get your groove on is Cisero�s. This place is both a packed dance club on one floor and a top-quality dining establishment on the other.

Further bars of interest are O�Shuck�s and No Name Saloon. O�Shuck�s is named for the endless amounts of oysters they serve. O’Shuck’s is little and can bring a crowd�lots of locals. On Tuesday nights they offer $3 giant beers and hamburgers. No Name Saloon is next door offering live music and a fun atmosphere. Other places for meals are Bandit�s Bar and Grill and Wasatch Brewing Company. Bandit�s is a laid-back place offering hearty meals of barbecue and steak fries. Wasatch Brewing Company also offers casual dining and local brews.

You don’t be forced to go very far to find a trendy, nighttime hangout. Whether you’re interested in a traditional pub, a more romantic �date� bar, or a noisy dance club; you have plenty of options. Regardless of the time of year, you’ll be able to locate a drinking establishment to fit your personality and budget.