NfS 11 (Pro Street) Review

Good-bye open tracks, the police, traffic and the night lights of big cities. Need for Speed ProStreet does not need them. One of the oldest series, one of the first to open the theme of neon glamura in racing arcades, is moving toward greater realism. And it’s not only about the desire to do something new each year. “Subculture of street racing is gradually moving away from the stereotypes of the film “Afterburner”, – explains John Doyle, the producer, and the authors want to reflect it in the game. Closed tracks without cops and traffic – these are the new rules. Clumsy attempts to compete with Grand Theft Auto with its open cities are gone. Do not expect commercials with beautiful top models against a backdrop of green screens from Need for Speed: Carbon and Most Wanted. However, the story itself is present in the ProStreet – players need motivation the EA Black Box studio believes.

The realistic damage system, just the one the fans of Need for Speed dreamed of for several years, is the pride of the developers. Cavities on the cars, shattering glass – any clashes have implications, so only the most skilled and accurate racers will get to the finish. All the others’ cars will fall apart or will lag behind until the finish. And repairing an automobile is an expensive pleasure.

An already familiar to us Autosculpt tuning system has also been developed. In addition to external tuning, which ceased to be purely decorative (it affects the behaviour of a car), there is technical tuning. Virtual mechanics are free to choose any of the 30 options for the 90 parts; the player is able to test car parameters in an aerodynamic tube. Those who don’t want to choose tyres and engine parts can limit themselves to simplified mode settings. Or, which would be even easier, can download a drawing of the tuning made by a friend and use it for his own car. The game has four modes : Grip (traditional circuit race), Drift (has changed much due to the physical model), Drag and Speed Challenges. New Need for Speed ProStreet is approaching realism more seriously than the predecessor, so the designers have made electronic assistants for the game. By changing settings, the player can choose what he or she likes – a simulator or a classic arcade game.