Newton’s Third Law and the Death of Wisdom – Secularisms Sin is No Sin

Some call it karma while others use the more folksy phrase “what goes around, comes around” but by any other name it is still best summarized by the words of the Apostle Paul who said “Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap. (Gal 6:7)

The results of ignoring the laws of reciprocation are evident all around us but perhaps in our hurry up world no one has the time or the inclination to give it any serious thought. The Bible warns that ignoring the simple rule of sowing and reaping will be part and parcel of the undoing of any generation but especially the last generation. The X generation may seem at home in an omega world where life is fast and cheap but the worst aspect of the rule of sowing and reaping is that if repeatedly ignored it destroys the growing field; that field can be a person, a community, a nation or ultimately the entire world.

To say that secularism is creeping into every aspect of our lives would be an anachronism because the entire world is already dangerously close to total secularization at this moment. Even harder would be trying to get anyone to recognize or admit that it has happened. It didn’t happen overnight but permanent changes rarely do. Negative changes have a way of clandestinely and slowly creeping into our social acceptance.

In a remark made by high profile law professor Alan Dershowitz about the recent escapades of Governor Eliot Spitzer he said “in twenty years people may laugh when someone is accused of adultery or involvement in prostitution.” Don’t look now Mr. Dershowitz but Hollywood has been making movies about these things and making people laugh for the past twenty years.

The days when the Sheriff gave the gay guy cruising around town looking for young men twenty four hours to get out of town have changed but again; not overnight. On April 10, 2008 AP writer Nedra Pickler reported that presidential hopeful Sen. Barack Obama said that the “don’t ask don’t tell” policy of the Pentagon “…doesn’t make us more safe.”

Only a brief list of causes would be enough to see why the effects of secularism are inevitable. We say the preachers are a nuisance with calls to a higher morality because they have only the Bible to support their claims. Do the math. If the Bible is actually God’s word do they need anything else for support?

So what is the math? One blogger recently asked me that very question. I was tempted to ask if he had heard of two and two makes four but I thought he might be insulted. It is almost that simple! Let’s see.

Evolutionist say we are the offspring of lower forms most notably apes and monkeys. Few of them have noticed the growing science of creationism and the growing number of scientist that are offering proof to the contrary. But let’s stick to causes. Essentially if we did not come from God (not created) then we do not have to answer to God. Say hello to one of the most powerful lies of the twenty first century and say goodbye to any semblance of accountability.

Along come the psychiatrists who have started off in their discipline denying that man is tripartite (body, mind and spirit) and have had to warn, manipulate and pound away at the problem of guilt in their dealings with the human condition. The Bible says Christ has dealt with guilt once and for all but why should we accept something that simple and approachable. A deep, dark and complicated science with its own language and terms seems more trustworthy to minds that trust only other minds.

Modern psychology has become a mere study in second causes. Perhaps it’s the science of excuses! From Freud to Skinner the rap is the same; someone or something else is to blame. It’s our overbearing father or some oppressive authority figure but why not also offer absolution from responsibility due to traumatic childhood experiences of any kind. Transmutation of guilt is dealing with it; but not very honestly after all.

Sociology steps up next both as a science and a set of behavioral norms, mores and folkways that creep into the general psyche by means of “the common wisdom of the day.” If something is accepted as normal behavior and repeated enough in everyday conversation it is here to stay. No science, no investigation not even any serious thought needed.

A good example of sociological claptrap or common wisdom is the current acceptance of the notion that children should not be subjected to any form of corporeal punishment. Ignoring the Biblical admonition the states have been pushing for no spank laws very successfully in the last five years with California leading the pack.

It makes sense. If there is no sin why should anyone be punished at all? A firm rebuke, some counseling and a hearty helping of encouragement is all that is called for in today’s view. Now all that is left is crime and how to explain that. Geneticist are now flirting with the idea that it’s all in our genes and only those who are genetically predisposed to commit crime will actually become a criminals. Shouldn’t we all feel much safer now?

The secularist can envision a world where no one is punished for anything and cannot imagine a world where God holds us accountable for everything. The Apostle Paul must seem like a raving madman for saying “In the day when God shall judge the secrets of men by Jesus Christ according to my gospel. (Ro 2:16) The indignity of suggesting God holds individuals accountable gives way to horror when the promise of collective judgment is inferred.

Secularism cringes at the idea that God would use nature as in a hurricane or tornado, or our enemies to scourge us with terrorist attacks or outright warfare. The secular viewpoint has no difficulty ignoring about a dozen verses in Exodus that promise a blessing for heeding Gods commands and over fifty verses in the same passage that warn of the problems and calamities that will beset us if we ignore them. The idea that that punishing our kids is not necessary is something we expect God to take very seriously as well; or he can just pack up his stuff and hit the road.

This list has only touched a few of the causes that Newton’s third law would invoke but the list is very long in reality. Hollywood’s contribution to the third law would outstrip almost all other causes the least of which would be the wimping of the American male and the worship of the female physique by young males. A matriarchal society would be too authoritarian for Hollywood but a feminocracy is not.

Hollywood may have finally come to terms with the fact that it cannot completely remove faith in God from the American landscape so it does the next best thing. It renders God impotent by means of philosophical tripe, visually spectacular sense bombardment and mindless aggrandizement of celebrities who will gladly attest to God’s failures and their own successes.

It would take a thousand articles to describe the effects concomitant to all of this according to Newton’s third but a reasonable article has only about a thousand words. I think I’m already there. But why leave the reader hanging? Ripped right out of today’s headlines here are just a few of the results of ignoring the laws of reciprocation.

It is hard not to see that the occurrences of only the past week are surely the effects of the above list of causes. Included is some intense and dangerous physical activity with not much thought and no spirituality. Also included is behavior that may be more akin to that of monkeys coming from youngsters that obviously have never been spanked or punished in any way. The lack of accountability is conspicuously non existent.

In Florida six cheerleaders lured a classmate to a house where they beat her beyond recognition all the while they were videotaping the mauling which they intended to send to You Tube. In Georgia a group on nine third graders was charged with plotting the murder of their teacher. On late night TV a presidential candidate made a joke of telling an elaborate lie to everyone in America then went on to explain why she is the best choice to be our next president. Another presidential candidate refused to distance himself from a racist pastor while contritely confessing that the gay press may think he is not showing them “enough love.” (AP May 10, 2008 the Advocate)

Secularism has taken on an almost elite status in the minds of pseudo intellectuals but it lacks any promise of a hopeful outcome. If observed under the intensity of the laws of reciprocation including Newton’s third, such scrutiny would render it false and ludicrously stupid. No one, no philosophy and no amount of time can remove even the simplest tenants of the immutable laws of reciprocity. Its here to stay!

Godless secularism may seem like the birth of real intelligence but it is a false hope at the least and a wholesale perversion of the truth when compared to God’s word. The wisest man on earth with the exception of the Savior was the ancient King Solomon. He said “The fear (reverence) of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.” (Proverbs 9:10)

One of the fastest and safest means to teach or to grasp Biblical theology is to view a theological premise in a converse fashion. Applying this principle to Solomon’s words would render Proverbs 9:10 something like this. “The lack of fear (reverence) for the Lord is the death of all wisdom”